🖍 Update #4: Reader Coloring Challenge

Nov 27, 2021 1:25 pm

Hey !

It's late. I'm tired. Mistake have been made... and yes, by me!

Here's a link to the website I decided was needed for this project.


Since the challenge descriptions are now useful for keyword searching, if you'd like to redo yours to make it longer and more keyword-y, reply with the new copy.

The tags have proven to be useless... Wordpress doesn't have a "search by tag" function apparently. That's what the big brains on Google said. If you know differently, I'd love your knowledge.

I'm still fixing a few things and have to write the actual downloadable coloring book sales page copy. The Amazon paperback version is coming... but I had to change all the backgrounds so it's a little behind the download/print/color version.

If you see egregious errors, let me know. I found a recurring typo tonight... and I'm going to bed because fixing it will require at least an hour... I'm done.

Don't start sharing yet since I want to give everyone a day to have a look and let me know if there's anything hinky with their page.

Can't wait to get this challenge off my desk and out in the world! 😝