🦄Mythical Games Achieves Unicorn Status | Crypto GameBites Issue 10

Nov 16, 2021 1:53 am

PLUS: Twitch co-founder launches Web3 gaming startup, Star Atlas CEO shares roadmap and more


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Issue #10 | November 15, 2021


gm frens.

It finally happened.

I totally missed publishing an issue of Crypto GameBites last week.

I tweeted that it would go out on the weekend.

Well today’s Monday, which is most certainly not a weekend.

But nevertheless, here I am, back in your inbox with Issue 10 of Crypto GameBites.

So here’s what’s gonna happen this week.

Today you’ll get the traditional newsletter: top stories in crypto gaming, some deep dives, some money talk.

But on Wednesday (or Thursday, if I’m being honest), you’ll get an interview I did with the developer of an upcoming NFT gaming project instead of a full newsletter.


Let’s dive in!

— Michael 

PS -–  If you work in the game development industry or invest in companies who do, I have a special request of you at the end of this issue.

🔥This week’s lineup:

🦄Mythical Games Becomes a Unicorn with Latest Funding Round

🎮Twitch Co-Founder Launches Web3 Gaming Startup

💸Investing in Play-to-Earn Games (not financial advice)


💰VC Land & Money Talk

🕳️ Deep Dives

🐦Random Tweet

– Michael


Mythical Games: The Latest Web3 Unicorn

I would usually include a story like this in VC Land & Money Talk section, but I figured it deserved its own little blurb today.

Mythical Games just raised a $150 million Series C round led by a16z, turning the company into a unicorn with a valuation of $1.25 billion. This investment round, which also included FTX and Binance, brings Mythical's total amount raised to more than $270 million.

Mythical Games plans to use the investment to not only grow their flagship game Blankos Block Party but also develop tools for the Mythical Games ecosystem. 

What interests me the most about Mythical Games is their CEO's approach to blockchain tech (spoiler: he's not a crypto purist...and I kinda like that).

In this interview, he explains why he chose to build Blankos Block Party on their own private EVM-compatible sidechain and that his primary focus will always be to create fun games people love to play.

Even though crypto purists will scream blasphemy at his ideas, I think his emphasis on UX/UI will lead the way to a new paradigm where blockchain exists only as an enhancement for the gaming experience and not the focus of it.

Crypto unlocks a lot of things that couldn't exist before, such as true ownership of digital assets and the ability to earn, but the sole purpose of a game should remain the same: to be a fun and enjoyable experience.


Twitch co-founder Launches Web3 Gaming Company

Kevin Lin, co-founder of video game streaming giant Twitch, recently announced his new startup, Metatheory Inc., which will focus on “building games for the Web3 world.”

His first project is a “sci-fi space saga” called Duskbreakers (which I first learned about from fellow RECESS DAO member @giaset ).

I’m really excited about this game, so I connected with Kevin on Twitter and will be sharing updates in upcoming newsletters.

For now, check out his Medium article about Metatheory and Duskbreakers.

Read the article on Metatheory and Duskbreakers


On Investing in Play-to-Earn Games: A Twitter Thread

What would an issue of Crypto GameBites be without featuring something from my big brain buddy and preeminent blockchain game writer/philosopher Ryan Foo?

Check out his NFA on how to think about investing in play-to-earn games:


Read the Twitter thread here



Illuvium releases first gameplay trailer.

CryptoRaiders announces new partnership with Galaxy Fight Club, a “Super Smash Bros.” style PvP game allowing NFTs from different projects to fight against each other.

Zynga bets the farm on blockchain gaming (sort of) by hiring Matt Wolf, Coca-Cola's former VP of entertainment and ventures, to lead a new blockchain / NFT division.

Gods Unchained releases new campaign called “Blessings of the Gods” to allow players to earn GODS tokens by playing and winning a minimum number of games each week.

Sky Mavis, the team behind Axie Infinity, launched their Ronin Mobile Wallet.

Former Activision, Disney and Lucas Films devs announce upcoming open-world game that incorporates NFTs.

Seed Round: Chumbi Valley announces Seed Chumbi NFT sale for early December 2021.

Ember Sword says “Goodbye Polygon, hello Immutable-X👋”.

Ethernal Gladiators, a cross-chain PvP “Fight to Earn” RPG, joins Enjin’s Adopter Program 

The Sandbox collabs with Vulcan Forged to allow NFT farming for token liquidity providers

Skyweaver, a Polygon-based NFT trading card game, chooses Nov. 25 for its soft launch 


VC Land & Money Talk

👾Enjin announces $100m Efinity Metaverse Fund to encourage Enjin and Efinity adoption + “make the decentralized Metaverse a reality

🌱Animoca Brands leads $3 million seed round for Web3-focused game publisher Ex Populas


Deep Dive

Metacast Crypto Corner #1: Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner chats about Star Atlas’ roadmap and how web3 games mean for the future of the Metaverse

Listen to the Interview


Random Tweet:




Special request for my readers actively working for or investing in game companies...

Since community is the core of crypto, I'd like to make a small request to help a Crypto GameBites subscriber who recently emailed me.

He's a former architect turned virtual environment and virtual reality designer, and he's looking to connect with projects and creators working in blockchain games.

So if any of you are looking to work with (or just network with) someone with his skill set, please check him out!

All his work and contact details are on his website.

Here's a Button to His Website to Make it Easier



– Michael, editor of Crypto GameBites

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