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Feb 10, 2022 3:46 pm


created by shallowfuckingvalue

February 10, 2022

gm frens,

It's been a minute since I've sent a regular newsletter or NFTweet edition (yes, I'm aware the last several emails I've sent have started with a similar line...)

Yes, it's literally because of the same reason: very little bandwidth to keep up.


That's about to change.

(I think).

Starting February 21, I'll be dropping ALL of my web2 clients as I transition full time into web3!

I've accepted a position at a web3 startup called Proof of Learn, a web3 education platform that aims to make high-quality education accessible around the world via blockchain and a "learn to earn" model.

We're developing the PoL protocol, where users can learn employable skills, gain professional on-chain credentials, and access web3 employers via a careers marketplace (all while earning cryptocurrency and NFT rewards as they learn and contribute to the community).


Such awesome, very excite!

Our founding team includes:

  • Shiela Marcelo, who was the former CEO and Chairwoman of Care.com
  • Kevin Yang, a tech entrepreneur, blockchain developer, and Stanford Computer Science graduate, specializing in crypto and mobile apps
  • Chris Swain, a professor at USC’s Iovine and Young Academy and the co-founder/director of Electronic Art’s Game Innovation Lab at USC

Here's what Sheila has to say about the company:

“When Care.com was developed, we had a vision to support the global gig economy and employers by efficiently matching people with specific skills to much needed care jobs. Now, the most in-demand, fastest-growing sector is Web3, yet the world is lacking people with the necessary skills and access to education is still a challenge for billions of people. Through Proof of Learn, we will level the playing field when it comes to engaging, quality education that leads to career opportunities in Web3. Building with a collaborative community, and using the techniques of scaling effective marketplace businesses, is an exhilarating combination for social entrepreneurs."

You can read our press release here.

Now, you might be thinking, "Michael, you've just joined a startup in one of the fastest moving verticals in the entire universe. How the hell does this open up your bandwidth?"

The answer is...it probably doesn't.

BUT, I will be fully immersed in web3 as well as crypto gaming, so it should be a lot easier for me to keep up with the news and publish this newsletter.

This immersion in the space will also help me deliver much higher quality content.

So yeah, that's the good news.

But since everything is constantly in flux, I'll keep you posted as things change and evolve.

Thanks for being part of my journey in web3 and I look forward to many more gms with you.

– Michael

PS – For a really cool perspective on meaningful game design for web3, check out this episode of Delphi Digital's podcast: DISRUPTORS: Redefining Immersion, Play, and Game Economies with Brooks Brown