The secret to helping your students with finding more scholarships in less time is...

Jun 06, 2023 1:08 am


I hope that your Monday is going well!

So, my #1 secret for helping students to find more scholarships in less time is...a scholarship search resume!

I know that you may have heard of this tip before, but few college admissions and independent educational consultants understand how to help their students to strategically and effectively create a scholarship search resume.

In today's competitive higher education landscape, the process of searching for suitable scholarships can be overwhelming and time-consuming, often resulting in missed opportunities. I have learned that a scholarship search resume is an effective solution to help students focus on the right scholarships and increase their chances of winning them.

Why are scholarship search resumes effective?

  1. Streamline scholarship search process: You know how to help your students know which scholarships are a priority for them.
  2. Stand out from the crowd: When your students have all of their
  3. Increased scholarship application completion rates: When your students know which scholarships to focus on, they have a better chance of completing more scholarship applications.

Now, the secret is to teach your students how to effectively create a scholarship search resume. I put step-by-step instructions how to guide your students with creating an effective scholarship search resume together in a scholarship success guide.

Unlock the power of scholarship search resumes and help your students maximize scholarship opportunities in less time by learning how to leverage scholarship resumes in this scholarship success guide.


Ashley Hill