Accelerate your software development career in just 30 minutes a day

Is this you?

Have you ever felt like you’re falling behind your peers?

You know what you should be learning but aren’t sure where to even start?

Do you not know what to do with newfound skills you got from that new tech book you just read?

Figure out how to take an idea to full-blown side hustle or main project?

Been receiving less than stellar notes on your performance reviews?

What will you learn?

By using the techniques I’ll teach in 30 Minute Project you can not only learn new skills but setup a foundation for continuous learning for the rest of your career. I’ll walk you through how to:

  • Identify the goals you want to achieve with your self-education
  • Improve your focus so you can achieve more with less time
  • Pick appropriate projects based on your goals
  • How to build up your resume and code portfolio (which is becoming more and more important now!)

Additionally you’ll learn

  • What deliberate practice is and how to leverage it to improve your skills and learning abilities
  • How to stretch your brain into new areas and what that does for improving yours and others code
  • Understanding little bets and how to incorporate them into your own projects

The Course

This course would help each participant create a plan for what their side project will be and what goal(s) they want to achieve with the side project. Additionally the group can help each other stay motivated through daily check-ins as well as bouncing ideas off of each other.

At the end of the course you should have a solid framework for doing new side projects as well as made some solid progress on an existing side project. Additionally each participant will have gained some amount of discipline and understanding of what it takes to finish a side project.

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