Co-Creations Sessions - Are you in?

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: With interest in the Co-Creations Sessions waning this month, I would like to check-in with everyone.... Are you in for tomorrow? If so, let me know!Or should we shelve the sessions until later in the year, when we can recalibrate...

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Jul 26, 2022
Living In Gift - chapter seven

Beloved Supporter of My Work!Here is a video I am very excited/ inspired/ filled-with-light to share with you! Click to watch on the Living In Gift websiteYou can also watch the video directly via the or It is another 'final'...

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Jul 22, 2022
join our co-creation sessions

Dearest Friend,A reminder, that you are most warmly welcome to join our Wednesday Co-Creation Sessions - I am coming back to the studio after being profoundly unwell, and am feeling renewed enthusiasm for the work in progress!The sessions are open to...

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Jul 12, 2022
abortion and What Is Right

Beautiful Soul Friend,I'm sharing this particular podcast with you, as it is the epitome of what I have been expressing, releasing, healing through my art work for the past decades. With the subject of what is commonly referred to as 'medical termina...

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Jun 29, 2022
Linktree, Sovereignty, Identity

Dear Soul Friends,As promised, here is an occasional museletter, with some snippets of what is being co-created in this sovereign realm!New art is pouring through my studio, including the Sean-na-gig canvas that just got hung in his new home, picture...

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Jun 25, 2022
What IS Sex? And other news and updates from Clare.

Dearest Sacred Soul,This is a now-rare email (see my note below) that I'm sending out - to keep you informed about my latest co-creation activity - and to remind you that I don't do mail-outs very often! Connect with me here to see all of my content...

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May 23, 2022
What is Art?! podcast, and new Co-Creation sessions

Dearest friend,My podcast today is probably the one I've been most excited and also nervous about sharing: it took me ages to work up to it; really delving deep into the Truth about Art, and the Truth about our Divine Co-Creative capacity, is hard in...

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Apr 14, 2022
What Is Woman? podcast, and Co-Creative Sessions today

Blessed Friend!Here's my latest podcast: it's one of a series on the subjects of my new website heading: What Is Woman? - and I'll be sharing privately longer deeper dives into the subject only on my Patreon, as these are sensitive transmissions a...

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Mar 30, 2022