What Is Woman? podcast, and Co-Creative Sessions today

Mar 30, 2022 8:08 am

Blessed Friend!


Here's my latest podcast: it's one of a series on the subjects of my new website heading: What Is Woman? - and I'll be sharing privately longer deeper dives into the subject only on my Patreon, as these are sensitive transmissions and not for everyone!

click to listen to the podcast

The What Is Woman podcasts will be followed by What Is Art? and What Is Sex? - going into the reasons and meaning behind my work and the new website heading I've been called to present, i.e. www.womanartsex.com

The topic of boundaries has been so prominent these past weeks: I'm moving more into the private space of Patreon and the quieter space of Hive.blog - and am taking in literally nothing from mainstream media or influences.



It is a profoundly beautiful reality: this, here, now. It allows me to fully occupy the larger, multi-dimensional Self, and to radiate out positive vibration - as well as navigating easily and spontaneously in all my full-filling activities!

The Co-Creation Sessions


Our Co-Creative Sessions have moved to Zoho rather than Jitsi - it's more stable and clear! For the time being, we have space for up to 10 beautiful souls on each session: first come will get in. Usually our morning sessions are the more chatty and busy - and the afternoon sessions are much quieter... Just contact me with at least an hour's notice, to be sent a link.

I'm not publishing the link widely online, but here's the info for you to join today:

claregalloway has invited you to join an online meeting.

Title: The Co-Creation Sessions

Time: Wed, Mar 30, 2022 11:00 AM (Europe/Rome)

Duration: 2:30 hrs

Meeting link:


Meeting ID: 1285160959

Password: 3VPgu8

Contact me directly via return email, if you'd like to join us on our Signal App Co-Creation group, where we share what we're working on/ what we discussed in the sessions: I'll send you my number there :-)

As ever,