Co-Creations Sessions - Are you in?

Jul 26, 2022 7:50 am


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: With interest in the Co-Creations Sessions waning this month, I would like to check-in with everyone....

Are you in for tomorrow? If so, let me know!

Or should we shelve the sessions until later in the year,

when we can recalibrate and start afresh?

Dearest Soul Friend,

The Co-Creation Sessions have been an incredible space this past year and a half, to evolve our creative work, mutually supporting and encouraging, and delving deeep into what is unfolding on Gaia Sophia in the now!

As interest has waned this past month or so, I'd love to check-in with you all, as to whether or not you want the sessions this week: if there is not an affirmative response, I'll consider not doing them until further notice.

Read more about the sessions, here.


NOTE: You may also organise one-on-one sessions or a series of art lessons, here.

Reply to this email, or send me a message via Signal App: +39 334 1969 372

Blessings and Love!