No. 31 / Corona and Trying to Stay Motivated

The crisis is bringing with it some self-quarantine and potentially, it’s a time to better ourselves in all kinds of ways. If only we stay motivated… Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website

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Mar 16, 2020
No. 29 / There Are Always New People

Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: YouTube Video Version 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro & Thank YOU 02:46 Todays Topic 03:27 What do I even have to share?...

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Mar 02, 2020
No. 27 / Virtual Worlds and the Real Game Controller

Game have been with us forever, computer games have been part of my life since I can think, and virtual reality is making it all the more interesting. But what about the real life game-controller? Why not take that and do something real? Please, cont...

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Feb 17, 2020
No. 26 / Universal Base Income? Let's do it ourselves.

The world is changing and evolving rapidly. We need new concepts. All that is true, but we also can’t wait for politics to change for us and provide the Universal Base Income. At least I am not waiting… Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ide...

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Feb 10, 2020
No. 24 / Unapologetic makes you execute.

Being able to do more, break free of our own perceptions, the judgments we fear and think are out there. Rediscovering the new me. It’s a learning process. From techniques (journaling, meditation, and healing sessions) over to discovering that not ev...

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Jan 27, 2020
No. 23 / Exploring the Shiny Object Syndrome

Exploring the shiny objects in my life, how they come up, what they have done in the past, why it’s so intriguing, and how I try to deal with them. They are so distracting, pulling my attention and everything that goes with it, letting me forget my p...

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Jan 20, 2020