Monthly Update: Podcast, Discord, and Building my Dream YouTube Studio

May 25, 2021 7:47 pm

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  1. Launching my Discord Server
  2. Launched Macher.Cafe — German Podcast
  3. Building my YouTube Dream Studio
  4. Launched & Upgraded Chaptered.App
  5. What I have enjoyed recently

What I've been up to

💬 Launching my Discord Server

I don't really love the comment section on YouTube. Not because to of the comments but because it is really hard to have a conversation there and to actually get notifications when something happened or someone replied.

Because of that, I now decided to setup my own Discord Server to give you and the people who watch my videos a platform to keep in contact, get help, and communicate about all kinds of topics around tech and life.

On Discord we can chat in different rooms with text and also hang out in a voice/video chat area. I'm already happy to see some people on there and I hope the group will grow with time.

🎧Launched Macher.Cafe — German Podcast

It is finally time to announce this… I launched a project where I actually speak German 🇩🇪. In this podcast I have conversations with makers and creators, and it's about all kinds of topics around getting started, keeping going, and building something. You can listen to (or watch) the first 3 episodes at Macher.Cafe

🎥 Building my YouTube Dream Studio

With Youtube being close to 70% of my income at this point, I am continuing to invest into the process of making videos to get more efficient and reduce the friction that I experience when sitting down to film.

In this latest update I now setup a ATEM Mini which is essentially a HDMI switcher and with that I can cut between cameras live and also show picture in picture perspectives. Then this signal can be either recorded or streamed live to YouTube and more.

This way, I have less work in the post-production and I love that because it will help me produce more Skillshare classes and YouTube videos faster.

Now, I am not finished upgrading… but I have to keep creating first because perfection is quite expensive 🙈.

📋 Launched & Upgraded Chaptered.App

Chaptered.App is an online service which helps you easily set markers in you Premiere Pro, Audition, or DaVinci Resolve while video editing and then transform these markers into YouTube chapter time stamps or show notes for a podcast. It's a bit hard to explain in an email, so there is a video.

With this latest update, it is now in a prettier dark mode theme and saves the styling selection in your browser so that you don't have to set those every time you want to use Chaptered.

What I've enjoyed

🔪 I have recently started watching the TV Show "Shameless" and it's hooked me in. It feels good to have something where there are like 9 seasons on Amazon Prime which means we don't have to "search for a movie to watch" in the evening.

🚶I am still walking 10.000+ steps six out of seven days of the week. Have been doing this since early January. It feels good to get this much movement and having the Walkolution Wooden Manual Treadmill totally helps to get those steps even when the weather is bad.

👋That’s it for May! It'd be great to hear from you if you've got news or recommendations to share.



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