Hi! My name is Chris Fluegge and I own ExpertTexan.com.

You have probably heard a sales pitch from every "social media specialist", "growth hacker" and "email marketing guru" on the planet - at least it may seem that way.

And they all promise you the world.

Trust me - I've been there too, and it wasn't until I could filter through all the noise that I found success for my own small businesses.

And I've learned a few secrets along the way.

One thing that I've learned is everything is a lot simpler than it seems at first.

There really is no "magic solution" for your business growth.

But it also doesn't require a Ph.D. or highly sophisticated, expensive tools.

It also rarely requires expensive social media ads or any ads at all.

More often than not, the very tools that you're already using can drive your small business success.

Even better? Most of those tools are free.

You just have to know how to use them more effectively.

If you want to:

  • Get more sales without spending a dime on advertising
  • Turn customers into repeat buyers
  • Put your business growth on auto-pilot

Then look no further.

With the information you'll learn from my mistakes over the years, you will quickly learn how to:

  • Use FREE software tools that will automate your branding and marketing process
  • Convert your current customers into repeat buyers and brand advocates
  • Generate more sales while you sleep without spending a penny

The road to freedom and independence is yours for the taking.

You can turn your side-gig or small business into a profit-generating machine and spend your time how you want, rather than get stuck behind a desk at a cubicle building someone else's business dreams.

All you need is to learn how to use the tools you already have at your disposal more effectively.

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