Early 2022 Greetings & Wrting News

Jan 10, 2022 6:23 pm

Hello Everyone and thank you for letting me invade your inbox. :)

To borrow a phrase from Suzanne Collins (and mess with it a bit ) : May 2022 be forever in your favor.

On the writing front I've been a bit busy YAY!!

On the Barbara Sheridan side, I hope to be revising and self publishing my second "I"m finally a professional writer !" book my paranormal romance SILVER RAIN first published in 2000 with Berkeley Jove.

I ended up having to send a used copy I bought to a professional scanning service because my digital copies are long gone and my patience wore out after manually scanning less than a third of it. LOL

I'm also awaiting a new cover for my out of print erotic historical novella SAMURAI CAPTIVE. I have three short pieces that feature historical Japan as elements so I may include them as extra reads to come after The End

In alter ego Kit Forbes news, I came up with a prequel for RELUCTANT PRINCESS (a/k/a the writing project problem child). It's moving along pretty well which is a pleasant surprise as far as writing mojo goes. :)

That's pretty much it for the "What's she been up to?" portion of the program so I will take my leave and wish you all a pleasant rest of your day.

Take care!

Barbara Sheridan