need a freelancer, do you know anybody?

Oct 20, 2021 10:46 pm


I need a little bit of help...

I've been trying to find another 11 freelancers who are trying to get more clients.

But I guess most of them are tucked away at home, sitting in the bathroom while scrolling through IG. So I've had trouble finding them since I'm not IG doing TikTok dances.

Do you know anybody?

Shoot a quick video for you explaining why. You can check it out here. 👇


Long story short, we're trying to help them land more clients, raise their rates, and close bigger deals. How?

We've got a few spots left in the last class of our 12-Week Freelance Business Incubator. And the applications close soon.

What's the catch? There isn't one.

It's a free live virtual incubator we've been offering as part of Built In Broward, a partnership with my company, General Assembly, and the Broward County Public Library for like over a year.

Why is there no cost to join the incubator? Good question.

Because Google already paid us a buttload of money through a huge grant to run the whole thing. Refresh Miami did a feature on us about it. image

The only problem is that the program is ending. This is THE last class.

Well...that's kind of a lie. 🤷

It's only the last class that's free to join.

After this last group, it goes back to being a high-ticket paid program.

Which it kinda has to. We've already had 51 students go through the incubator since last year and they've been growing like crazy.

  • We've had students doubling their rates by week 3.

  • People leaving jobs they hated to freelance full-time.

  • Hell, we've had a married couple get so busy they had to hire sub-contractors to fulfill all their client projects that started piling up.

Why are they growing like this?

Because they get weekly live lessons with experts, one-on-one mentorship, and access to a community of local freelancers doing the same work who are crushing it.

Since they're getting all the tools and blueprints used by successful agency owners, coaches, and designers from all around South Florida they kind of have no choice but to land more clients.

That's why I need your help.

I'd feel super guilty if someone in my network missed the chance to join before it goes back to paid.

If they knew about the program and chose not to apply then that's on them.

(In that case, I'd sleep like a baby.)

So if you know anyone who might want to join, can you let them know to apply here:

Just remember to tell them to apply like yesterday.

The class is first-come, first-serve so applications close immediately once the class is full.

Thanks for the help.


Black Valley Digital

P.S. If they ask, you can let them know the incubator teaches them battle-tested frameworks on everything from how to raise your rates, systems to find new clients like clockwork, and how to close more sales like a boss.

P.S.S. Got a question about the program? Then shoot it over to me as a reply. I'm not a robot, I actually read your emails. So don't be mean.