🖥️ virtual events this week for startups and techies

Nov 30, 2021 3:08 am

There's a lot going on this coming week besides Art Basel. I wanted to share some of the top tech/startup online sessions going on this week with you.

FYI they're all free online sessions so you can tune in even if you aren't based in Miami.

(Except for one in-person tech hiring event in Miami this week.)

Tuesday, Nov. 30

  • Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile & Resume | WorkWell + General Assembly (8-9:30 pm EST): Been thinking about a career change into tech or looking for a better position in 2022? Then it's time to help you look your best! Check out this workshop on how to up-level your LinkedIn profile and resume in order to stand out and land your next job . Tap here to register.

  • Demystifying Equity in the Tech Industry | Galvanize Remote (3-4 pm EST): You always hear about startups offering equity packages to new hires and early team members--have you ever wondered what the heck they're talking about? Check out this workshop to learn about common equity types in the tech industry, terminology, and determining value in a compensation package. Tap here to register.

  • Navigating the Emotions of Changing Careers | General Assembly (5- 6 pm EST) Does the work you do truly align with your personal values and ambitions? Have you wondered what it takes to successfully relaunch your career and pursue work that truly matters to you? In this talk, we'll debunk some common myths about changing careers so you can get a realistic picture of what’s involved with reinventing yourself. Tap here to register.

Wednesday, Dec. 1

  • Client Magnet Webinar: How to Land High Ticket Clients without Cold Calling or Ads | Black Valley Digital (1-2:30 pm EST): Remember the Facebook and IG outage? It's now more important than ever that business owners and freelancers learn how to build marketing channels outside of the big tech platforms to survive. Join us as we uncover the marketing "Cheat Code" you can use to land clients without ads, an email list, or content creation (even if you suck at sales or have a boring offer...) Tap here to register

  • Breathe Life Into Your Brand | Florida SBDC (1-2 pm EST): An interactive webinar on branding principles. It will offer simple, practical tips on defining and building a strong brand. By the end of this interactive brand webinar, you will have a much better understanding of how to make your brand work for your business. Tap here to register. 

Thursday, Dec. 2

  • Lessons Learned from 300 Angel Investments in Tech Companies | Lohika (1 – 2:15 pm EST): Are you trying to land funding for your startup? Then why not learn what one of the best investor looks for in the startups they invest in. Jason Calacanis is one of the world’s most successful angel investors with 300+ early-stage startup investments, including Uber, Robinhood, and Calm. Four of which have achieved billion-dollar valuations (so far). In Lohika's latest Re:think event, Jason will share lessons learned from investing in 300+ technology companies. Tap here to register

  • How to start a career in tech with zero experience | General Assembly (5:30pm-6:30 pm EST): This webinar is here to help you build a career you love. At this GA webinar you can talk to alumni, instructors and founders of accelerated programs in software engineering, data science, UX design, digital marketing, product management, and more. Learn about a range of formats and modalities can help you best achieve your #CareerGoals. Tap here to register

  • Retail X Series: B2B Retail Tech Sales | Red Girafee Advisors (1pm-2 pm EST): Is your company or startup targeting B2B? At this event they'll be talking about early stage B2B selling to medium and enterprise customers in retail. You'll learn about finding your first clients, pricing models for the B2B space, and growth hacking strategies for retail tech and B2B companies. Tap here to register

  • Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls: Agile vs. Waterfall | General Assembly (6pm-7 pm EST): Managing some wild projects? Learn best practices and discuss the real-world application of the agile and waterfall method to determine what workflow works best for your team. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the project process, from project and sprint planning to the daily scrum. Walk away with a holistic understanding of the fundamentals to successfully lead a successful project - and start getting things done! Tap here to register

  • IN-PERSON - (Miami, FL) Venture Miami Tech Hiring Fair @ Miami-Dade Wolfson Campus (4-7 pm EST): Big tech job fair. Tech companies are hunting local talent. Come ready for on-site interviews and on-the-spot hiring. Tap here to register

Friday, Dec. 3

  • 2021 HealthTech Hack (Hackathon) | Johnson & Johnson X Black Technology Professionals (Dec 3, 9 am– Dec 5, 3 pm EST): Long story short, Johnson and Johnson is doing their second annual virtual hackathon from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. You get the chance to play with AI and Machine Learning tech, access to tech workshops, and they connect you with J&J recruiting events and mentorship opportunities. Great for techies and data enthusiasts. Tap here to register.

  • Neiman Marcus Omni Engineering - Virtual Hiring Event | Neiman Marcus (11 am– 5 pm EST): Neiman Marcus is looking to hire techies this week. They're hosting a virtual hiring event for multiple full time associate roles for their Omni Engineering team in the following areas: Omni Channel Experience & Engineering, Digital Content and Personalization, Mobile Engineering, and much more. Tap here to register or for more info.

  • Intro to Excel | General Assembly (10 am–12 pm EST): Looking to build your confidence in Excel, but need to get started with the basics first? You’ve come to the right place! This free, two-hour livestream will introduce a range of topics, giving you a taste of the potential that can be achieved with Excel. We’ll touch briefly on everything from navigation and layout to using functions and formulas. All in real time, taught by an industry professional. Tap here to register.

Check them out and register. Maybe I'll catch you at one of the workshops or hackathons this week. Enjoy!


Black Valley Digital

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