🤦 sorry about the email blast

Oct 08, 2021 1:03 am

Hey ,

Sorry about the random email blast. Shot a real quick apology video about the accident:

🤦 sorry about the email blast - Watch Video


Long story short. I was teaching a lesson on setting up email automation for students in our Freelance Business Incubator program.

Little did I know, I had that example automation set to live so that email blast went out.....to 2,000 people. 🤦

By the time I realized what happened, the emails had already been sent!

So if you got a random email from me, my bad.

The list was a huge mashup of wonderful people I'd connected with over the years from running BlackTech Week events all around the US, visiting SXSW, and other tech conferences.

You're one of those awesome people!

But while I've got your attention, we are hosting a free workshop tomorrow Friday, Oct. 8th at 7 pm on how to land clients without cold calling or ads:


So if you're a digital creative, techie, or consultant then you may be interested in joining us tomorrow.

Otherwise, you won't get another email from me.