Upcoming virtual events for Startups, techies, and soon to be techies

Oct 11, 2021 11:44 pm

Hey ,

There's a lot going on this coming week. I wanted to share some of the top tech/startup online sessions going on this week with you.

FYI they're all free online sessions so you can tune in even if you aren't based in Miami.

Tuesday, Oct. 12

  • Funding a career change in Florida: ISA, Scholarships and more | General Assembly (12-1 pm EST): Been thinking about a career change into tech but don't know how to fund it? No problem! You might be eligible for scholarships or other tuition deferments. Come check out this info session to find out more.

  • Marketing Guide for Small Business: TikTok and Instagram | General Assembly (2–3 pm EST): Have you been wondering about if your business should hop on TikTok and IG? Check out this workshop to learn which platform is best for you and everything you need to get started. Tap here to register.

  • Hack Growth - Tips for Entrepreneurs and Startups | NYWomen in Business 3 - 6 pm EST Don't have rich friends, family, or a PR team? This workshop is the toolkit you need full of tips and tricks for funding, launching, and growing your startup. Tap here to register.

Wednesday, Oct. 13

  • Navigating your Engineering Career: Lunch & Learn with Facebook | General Assembly (3-4 pm EST): Are you thinking about quitting your job and switching career fields into tech? Finding it overwhelming or challenging to figure out where to start? Then come learn from the software engineers in the trenches at Facebook. Join us for an open forum-style discussion with Fiver experience Facebook engineers on how they've gotten where they are today. Tap here to register and get more info.

  • Intro to Product Management | Online Class | General Assembly (1pm EST): Discover how product managers use leadership and versatility to launch products people love. In this free, two-hour livestream, you’ll learn the basic elements and responsibilities of performing the role of a product manager within a digital company. Tap here to register

Thursday, Oct. 14

  • Talk Data to Me: Nonprofits and Community Organizing | General Assembly (6 – 7 pm EST): This event will bring together industry experts to discuss how data is changing the way businesses run & people live. This conversation will be focused around data in nonprofits. Tap here to register

  • Client Magnet Webinar: How to Land High Ticket Clients without Cold Calling or Ads | Black Valley Digital (7-8 pm EST): Remember the Facebook and IG outage last week? It's now more important than ever that business owners and freelancers learn how to build marketing channels outside of the big tech platforms to survive. Join us as we uncover the marketing "Cheat Code" you can use to land High-Ticket clients without ads, an email list, or content creation (even if you suck at sales or have a boring offer...) Tap here to register

  • Intro to Malware Analysis for Cybersecurity | Flatiron School (7-8 pm EST): In this beginner-friendly workshop hosted by Flatiron School, learn about the different techniques and stages of malware analysis and how they’re used by cybersecurity professionals to improve security. Tap here to register

Friday, Oct. 15

  • Intro to Google Analytics | General Assembly (10 am–12 pm EST): Learn how to use Google Analytics to get real insights into your website’s visitors, their behavior, and any patterns or trends. You'll uncover the basics and gain the skills you need to successfully navigate Google Analytics! Tap here to register.

Saturday, Oct. 16

  • Intro to Digital Marketing | General Assembly (10 am–12 pm EST): Come explore the components of brand building and see how modern marketers drive successful campaigns using content, email, social media, paid advertising channels, and more. All in real-time, taught by an industry professional. Tap here to register