4 things to install, read and watch

Nov 19, 2021 11:53 pm

Hey ,

FYI I'm totally ripping off Tim Ferris's Five Bullet Fridays.

I'm calling it my Friday Goodie bag. Here are the goodies I thought were cool enough to share with you this week. Check 'em out👇

Thing to Use: Inbox When Ready (Chrome Extension) -- Massive Productivity Hack

Hide your inbox so you don’t get distracted by new messages. Super cool! Saves me roughly 1-2hrs a day.

(It saves me from being super freaking compulsive at checking email.)

Thing to Try: Descript (Web app) -- AI Video/Audio Editing Tool

Wanna make editing video and audio easier with a freaky AI tool?

Then check this out.

It's a super-powerful, all-in-one video and audio editing software that auto generates a transcript for you...that you can use to edit by typing.

The cool part is that you can edit the video by changing the transcript. Like just delete the uhs & ums in the transcript and it'll cut that bit out of the whole video. 😲

The freaky part is you can type into the transcript and the AI will speak what you wrote in your own voice. 🤯

Thing to Join: Land Your Dream Clients (FB Group) -- Videos + Resources

I run a whole bunch of coaching programs so I make a ton of videos and stumbled really cool tools for marketing and sales.

The problem is they're too big to share via email. (I'm not trying to live that spam life.)

I'm all about access for people of hue, so this is the place where I share all my favorite resources, do live Q&As, and share blueprint guides.

(I stole the people of hue phrase from a friend yesterday because I thought it was hilarious.)

We're actually doing a live tomorrow @ 3 pm on how black creatives and techies scale their businesses by borrowing other people's audiences.

You can tap here to join the group to get access to the live.

Thing to Watch(ON REPEAT): How I Built A 20+ Sales Team [The Process] (YT Video)

This is one of my favorite Alex Hormozi videos. I share it with all my students.

It is THE sales framework that helped me 10x my high-ticket coaching packages prices and doubled one of my client's sales in the last two weeks.

Go watch it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Please give me feedback with a reply. Which thing above is your favorite? Got something cool you think I should add to the next Friday goodie bag? Other suggestions? Please let me know.

Just shoot me a reply to this email.