I just reeled in the deadliest catch

Jul 23, 2020 3:06 pm


Hello Content Creators!

You know what sucks?

Chartering a $600, six-hour fishing boat and coming home empty handed.

You know what sucks even more?

Knowing that we might have been able to do it better.

How? With research. Right now, it's simply too hot for the fish to bite. They've moved on to colder waters. Stay with me, there's a marketing tie in here, promise.

We were excited to catch... something?


Look how happy we were to get out on the boat! We were super stoked on the idea of a big, beachside fish dinner later that night.

So we didn't do any research. We just found a service and plunked down our money.

Then we bought sandwiches, chips, beer, water, and sunscreen. We went to bed early, woke up earlier. Those fish didn't know what was coming!

Or, rather, they simply didn't show up.

Does this sound familiar?


Have you run a marketing campaign only to come up empty handed?

Were you so excited to start doing something that you didn't bother checking if it was the right time (or place, or message, or... you get the idea) to do it?

The lesson we learned was that the best times to go deep sea fishing off the NC coast are May-June and October, depending on what you want to catch. And those are 12-hour trips out to the Atlantic Gulf Stream.

Sometimes, we all get ideas in our heads that we're excited about. But when it comes time to spend real money on marketing, it's best to do a little research and choose the right platform, time, message, and methods to reach an audience. It makes no sense to cast a net where there's nothing underneath it. Do that too many times and it can kill your brand. Because the deadliest catch is no catch at all.

And just to beat a dead horse (because I want to use all my clever words)... it's a big ocean, you need to be fishing where the fish actually swim.

And use the right bait! But that's the subject of next week's newsletter...

A recent content project


I've been compiling all of these Bite Size Content Strategy newsletters and turning them into blog posts at TylerBenedict.com. So, if you're new to these emails, you can find more great content marketing tips and examples there, plus more.

I also post my ~2 minute Bite Size Content Strategy videos there, among other things. And for some of the tips from the emails, I'll elaborate or update with fresh details, too. So, if you miss a week or just want to binge-review the ideas, they're getting added over there right now.

Why am I doing this? Why does it matter to you?

Because these email newsletters aren't searchable. Once they've been sent, and you've read them (religiously, right?), they're kinda gone. Putting them online lets others find them through search.

Which is something you should do if you're sending out a brand newsletter, too. Get that content up on your own website, too. In many cases, including for my cycling site, Bikerumor, a newsletter is a great way to share content we've already posted, too. The order in which you deliver the info depends on your goals and marketing tactics. The important thing is to make sure your best content can be searchable regardless of where it started life.

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Cool stuff I've found recently:


This week: Self care is the best care, learning is earning, and it's cool to keep your, um, cool...

1. The Stick - I've been using The Stick to massage tight, sore muscles for almost 20 years now. And the best part? I've had the original two Sticks the entire time. They last forever. Making them easily one of the best investments in self care ever. The 17" Travel Stick fits in carry-ons and most backpacks, and the larger 24" Original Stick flexes around bigger muscles and lets you dig in really, really hard. There are cheaper generic options out there, but these are worth every penny.

2. My First Million Podcast w/ Noah Kagan - This podcast is from the team at The Hustle, which makes a killer newsletter, too. I'm a Noah Kagan fan, having interviewed him myself, and in this MFM episode (show notes, listen here) he drops some great ideas on when and how he and his team launch new projects and products. One of which is SendFox, the list provider I'm using to send these emails each week!

3. ROVR Cooler - The ROVR cooler is big, strong and keeps things really cold for days. But a lot of coolers do that now. What sets this one apart are the huge wheels that roll over anything, a telescoping handle to make it easy to pull across varied terrain, and a detachable arm that lets you connect it to your bicycle, turning it into a cooler trailer. The icing on the cake is the collapsible storage bin on top that holds all your picnic supplies, beach towels, etc. It's available in three sizes, with various additional attachments to make it even more functional.

Make it interesting,


Tyler Benedict

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