True or False

Mar 01, 2022 8:11 am

Hi Everyone,


There are lots of myths flying around about cyber security and protecting your data. 


Let me quickly test you on a biggie. 


True or false: Storing all your passwords in one place makes them vulnerable. 


The answer is… 


It’s false!  


Putting all your passwords in one place makes them safer and more secure – so long as that one place is a password manager. 


What’s that? It’s a piece of software that generates long random passwords for you, remembers them and fills in the login boxes automatically. 


Yes, it’s safer and more convenient. Double win.  


In fact, there’s only one password to remember – your master password. Make sure that’s unique and strong and you’re using Multi-Factor Authentication (where you generate a login code on a separate device). This is a very safe solution. 


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