May 03, 2022 8:31 am

Hi everyone,


Have you heard of BPA?


Not the stuff they use in plastics. It stands for Business Process Automation.


You can use it to remove complex or repetitive processes or functions that your people usually have to do. When BPAs are set up correctly, they should need little to no human intervention to run.


The processes you automate can be something as simple as sending an automated email response, or as complex as managing entire workflows.


All of your most frequently repeated tasks can be automated too. Think sales contacts, your finances, inventory tracking… just to name a few.


Oh, and if you’re not already sold, the benefits can be huge. You can make time and cost savings, improve your customer experience, improve your scalability, boost efficiency, and remove the threat of human error.




You can automate some of your processes without a lot of trouble, with the applications and software you’re already using. However, some of the more complicated processes may need professional attention.


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