An investment or an expense?

Mar 07, 2022 10:52 am


Hi Everyone,


In the years we’ve been looking after businesses round here, we’ve noticed there are two different ways that owners and managers buy IT and technology. 


Some see it as an expense 


Others see it as an investment 



We choose not to work with the first group. It never ends well!  


Don’t get us wrong; every business has moments where every last penny counts. That’s fine in the short term. 


The problem is when that becomes the long-term driver of the business, and all spending decisions are made by asking “what’s the cheapest way to do this”. 


We’d rather deal with the second group of people. And certainly, our existing clients fit into this category. 


This second group recognises that IT is their infrastructure; the backbone to their business. And they don’t want to take any risks on the quality. 


They’re also looking for ROI – Return On Investment. And we recommend suitable KPIs – Key Performance Indicators to make sure they get it. 


I’ve written a new report. It’s called the 7 KPIs for ROI from IT. 


And you can download a free copy instantly