Baer Necessities - Creator Towns, New Countries, and Skin in the Game

Apr 19, 2021 4:01 am


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Writing to you once again from my backyard in Memphis! I'm Jonah Baer, and this is the Baer Necessities, where I share what I'm learning, doing, and the wild journey along the way.

Last week, I asked what day you prefer to receive this email and the most popular day/time was... Sunday afternoon! So I'm coming back to my roots today with some Sunday Candy and plan to ship the email every Sunday moving forward.

Anyways, here are your Necessities for this week:

Non-Crypto Rabbit Hole I'm Jumping Down ––

🏑 Creator Towns (@nateliason): I'm fascinated by Nat Eliason's idea to start creator towns across the country as a way to revitalize small-town America. The basic idea (according to his website): "A creator town is one whose primary source of new wealth is the creative class. Instead of small towns relying on single industries like steel or tourism to bring new wealth to the local economy, they can recapture the wealth generation that has been concentrating in major cities for the last 50 years." He's actively searching for ways to make this happen. If for whatever reason creator towns aren't provocative enough for you, check out Balaji Srinivasan's ideas on "How to Start a New Country".

Article I'm Reading ––

πŸ’Ώ Why NFTs are Hard to Explain (@nic__carter): This is the best explanation on the nuances of NFTs that I've seen. As Nic Carter, one of the most prolific crypto minds, explains, all NFTs are NOT created equal. On the contrary: "NFT is a process, rather than a product. To NFT something is to assign it a distinct serial number that lives on a public blockchain. That’s it." Ultimately, the underlying asset of NFTs depends on the application, how it's being issued, and how exclusive the NFT becomes. Read the entire article here.

Documentary I'm Watching ––

πŸŽ₯ The Dawn Wall (trailer): I was blown away by this absolutely insane documentary of a rockclimber accomplishing the seemingly impossible. Description of the documentary: "Legendary free climber Tommy Caldwell tries to get over heartbreak by scaling the Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park." I highly recommend watching this if you need a good kick in the ass to do your work.

Song I'm Listening To While I Work ––

πŸ’« Extreme Northern Lights by Majeure

Book I'm Reading:

🎲 Skin in the Game by Nassim Taleb

Favorite Podcast:

πŸ”‘ Chris Dixon - The Potential of Blockchain Technology

🐦 Favortite Twitter Threads ––

Because of Coinbase's recent stock market listing, I've been inspired and fascinated by their founding story all week. Here is co-founder Fred Ehrsam's thread and Brian Armstrong's thread on starting Coinbase and what they learned along the way.

Quote I'm Pondering ––

"The fact, and only the fact, that we are mortal, that our lives are finite, that our time is restricted and our possibilities are limited, this fact is what makes it meaningful to do something, to exploit a possibility and make it become a reality, to fulfill it, to use our time and occupy it. Death gives us a compulsion to do so. Therefore, death forms the background against which our act of being becomes a responsibility."

–– Victor Frankl

Lastly, I've got some longform writing coming soon on the topic of "The Future of Digital Nomadism and Co-Living", so make sure you stay tuned for that.

Anyways, that's it for this week. Thank you so much for reading this email, and I hope you have an amazing week ahead!



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