Let's get organized! My next book releases on Tuesday, 1/12th ❤️

Jan 03, 2021 9:16 pm


January 2021

Hi ,

Happy New Year! 🎉 ✨

Like most people, I'm relieved to know that 2020 is over and hopeful for what 2021 may bring. It's a cautious optimism as the hours of sunlight grows each day.

You are receiving this email because you've signed up to blog, review and/or post on social media in an effort to help my new books reach new readers.

My January 2021 Writing Goals:

  1. Release my next book, Jilted, on Tuesday, 1/12th on Amazon
  2. Make a strong push for blog posts and reviews to create book buzz
  3. Gain 50 pre-orders or more
  4. Gain 10 book reviews on release day, 1/12th

While I'm working with a book promotion company for the first time, I still need to do my part to promote my books. Each day that I make a blog post, share a lot on social media, swap a newsletter mention or pay for a promotion, I see book sales. I know that the effort, and stress, is worth it.

And still I need your help. Each time you blog about my books, mention my stories on social media, post a book review online or simply recommend my literary work to someone who reads fantasy ... it expands my reach, exposes me to new readers, and turns potential readers into fans.

As valued member of my promotion team (be it blogger, book reviewer or social media promoter), here is what I need you to do for January:

  • Add Jilted to your Goodreads to-be-read list:


  • Add Jilted to your Bookbub wishlist:


  • Ask for a FREE review copy of Jilted:

If you enjoy fantasy romance short stories and writing book reviews.

  • Start reading Jilted today, and write your book review.

Post your book review on Amazon on 1/12th or soon after.

Post your book review on Goodreads and Bookbub as soon as it's ready. No need to wait until 1/12th.

  • Write a post on social media stating you're looking forward to my next book, Jilted.
  • And ... I appreciate the likes, shares and comments when you come across one of my bookish social media posts.

What's in it for you? The simple joy of helping a friend/blogger/writer/small business owner who is trying to successful launch her well written, professionally edited and independently published books.333

My fantasy novels, novellas and novelettes are fairly priced, easy to buy, and meant to entertain and inspire readers craving more representation and inclusion in speculative fiction.

I know my goals are high. I also know that I can do this with your help. Thank you for supporting me.

Let's stay in touch, and know that I'll giveaway a prize after release week to the most active and communicative of my promoters. Thanks!

Best Wishes,

Azaaa Davis