Happy Book Release Day for Hiss, Rattle and Bite! 🥳

Dec 09, 2020 4:34 pm


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December 2020

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Hiss, Rattle and Bite releases today, 12/15/20!

I am overjoyed to be able to share my newest book with you. 🥳 🎉 ✨

“Getting stabbed by an overzealous vampire hunter sucked.” This is the opening line in Hiss, Rattle and Bite—a holiday-themed, vampire, urban fantasy novelette about a woman who wants nothing more than to be transformed into a vampire. 

This short story is full of emotion, suspense and intensity. It has a fun Christmas holiday theme, but it is dark fantasy at its finest. Master vampires exchange gifts and Marigold, the messenger, gets stuck in the middle of supernatural warfare. 


A Goodreads book reviewer said Hiss, Rattle and Bite is "well written and imaginative." A book reviewer on Bookbub said, "I’d love to see more in this little world!" Read this unique tale about a vampire servant named Marigold if you are looking for a fast yet memorable story this holiday season. 

Sold widely and regularly discounted, this fantasy book is a gift to speculative fiction, dark fantasy, and urban fantasy readers everywhere. 🎁

As a #writeowl, #turtlewriter, #writermom and #indieauthor, each and every book sale and book review means the world to me.

I continue to write speculative fiction books featuring woman of color in new paranormal worlds. Book sales and reviews encourage me to keep writing entertaining and thought-provoking stories that promote diversity in fantasy books, and to keep investing in myself as a small business owner. As difficult as 2020 has been for myself and many others, I've grown as a novelist and I can't wait for you to read my new book!

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