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Jan 03, 2021 8:33 pm


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January 2021

Hi ,

Welcome to 2021! We made it. Maybe a little depressed. Maybe a little stir crazy. Maybe a little chubby. Or maybe that's just me! 😅 But we are here in the New Year and that's something to be grateful for.

How are you? I'd love to hear about any beautiful moments experienced during your holiday season. I'd also like to know what is one thing you're leaving in 2020 as you make a change.


I've been reading and writing more, and on social media less, during this holiday season. It was an unintentional break, but absolutely what I needed. Now, I'm feeling rejuvenated and happy to share a few author updates with you.


JILTED is ready for re-release on January 12th!  


Genre: Shifters / Paranormal Romance / Novella

Price: $2.99 

Universal Link:

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Administrative assistant by day and boss lady on social media by night, Theresa enjoys sharing her charmed life with half-million followers. The only thing she loves more is being engaged to the hottest doctor at the clinic where they both work. Cementing her fame by reaching one million followers would be the icing on her wedding cake.

Life stops running smoothly when her husband vanishes on their wedding night and a leaked photo of a barely-dressed Theresa yelling at the police sparks a viral sensation. With everything at stake—love, reputation, followers, and career—she embarks on a reluctant voyage of discovery. Follow Theresa as she stumbles over her new husband's secrets and develops her inner strength. 

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Book Quote:

“We said, 'I do,' and then he disappeared.”

An Early Book Review: 

"Absolutely loved the character arc of Theresa and how she doesn't fall apart at her new husband's vanishing, but presses forward to find answers and her missing husband. When she discovers the secret world of shifters, the experiences and her perseverance help shape her into a better version of herself. I can't wait to read more of Theresa and more from this wonderful author. 

—A Goodreads Book Review by A. C. 

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HISS, RATTLE AND BITE had a fantastic book launch!  


With your support and interest in my stories, I was able to exceed all of my hopes for Hiss, Rattle and Bite. I gained more pre-orders than with any other book release and I quickly reached 100 book sales within two weeks.

Genre: Vampire / Urban Fantasy / Short Story 

Price: $0.99 

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