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My dearest, you are here because you were invited to read THE KING'S THIEF for FREE!

Wait, what? You haven't heard of The King's Thief? Well, here's a quick run-down:

Lady Dauphine keeps a secret that could restore her country from the clutches of Randish rule. Yet the noble woman hides under the profitable guise of her courtesan business far from home. For what can one woman do against the zealous lot of religious leaders that hold Quenarre, and all its people, hostage? Only her cousin and the man who saved her life twenty years ago know her true origins.

Though not born from nobility, Chartan LeBeau commands royalty with his demeanor, subdue arguments with the language of silent intimidation, and keep the affections of the last royal descendant of the true king of Quenarre. Yet all his talents do not convince his future queen turned temptress to return with him and command an army to take back her throne. Reverting to his former station of thief, he steals Lady Dauphine and sails for the land of her birthright. But when thief and future queen learn of a court mage’s capture, he tells her to turn back while he attempts a rescue.

Despite “orders” to sail back, Lady Dauphine grows into the leader Quenarre needs in order to save a dear friend thought lost to the cruel Randish Theocracy.

This ebook is my way of introducing myself and seeing if you like my kind of stories! If so, we might become fast friends!!

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