Wintery Tales, take two!

Feb 16, 2022 8:01 am

Hello from Siegen!

It's cold here where I live. Ideal weather for staying inside with a good book - in my case that would be writing a book rather than reading one.

I'm currently working on a fantasy novel set in 1920s Ireland. There was a lot going on in Ireland at that particular time, so it's a challenge to get the historical background to my story right. But it's also fun!

Did I ever mention... Ireland is my most favorite place to be? I even lived in the Northwest for a while. County Donegal has the most beautiful beaches, and the Slieve League Cliffs are breathtaking - in the truest sense!

I'm hoping to get in a short vacation in the Connemara area and some on-site research around Dublin this year, if I can make that work out, given the ongoing plague-situation. I am really looking forward to being able to travel there again without restrictions or quarantine measures. Fingers crossed!

What's your most favorite place to be?

Drop me a line and let me know, if you like! :)

Talk soon,

Lisa Hofmann

P.S. Here are some fantasy books you might enjoy.

Wintery Tales of Fantasy - this is a group promotion on StoryOrigin where you'll find a number of books similar to mine.


The Stone Bearer's Betrayal

Forbidden magic compelled Katira to live a lie, but learning the truth is far more dangerous than she ever dreamed.

When an innocent hunting trip turns into an attack, Katira’s world fractures. Her humble parents are actually legendary Stonebearers – immortal, powerful beings tasked with protecting the human world from creatures of the mirror realm.

Those cracks widen and shatter apart when the Archdemoness, Wrothe, escapes from her timeless prison and snatches Katira away, intending to use her as bait to destroy not only her family line, but the entire Stonebearer Society.

If Katira is to be made whole again, she must learn to trust the young stranger who’s trying to save her while finding the strength to accept not only her parents' power, but her own.

Winner of the Quills 2019 Recommended Read

Available on Amazon.


The Falcon and the Stag (free for newsletter signups)

The King is dead.

Within days of his father being laid to rest, Prince Paradon of Alamore is plunged into the preparations for his coronation. But, even as country is gathering to celebrate their new King, unrest is brewing inside the walls. Secrets lurk beneath the castle, suspicions and accusations are tearing him and his brother’s already strained relationship to pieces. He must rely on those he trusts to help him to obtain his rightful crown.

Paradon is beginning to wonder, come coronation; will he be King or will he be killed?

This one is free for a sign-up to the author's awesome newsletter.