Our Next Event

Oct 16, 2021 3:34 pm

imageThe time is now!


There has never been a time of greater urgency or such a need for the National Self-Reliance Project. A compete and immersive platform it offers Self-Reliance and preparedness topics in multiple formats, from in person to virtual. We are excited and honored to Join with Prepper Podcast and be part of the response to this global pandemic.


Now more than ever we are committed to our mission to educate and empower our citizens, families, and communities to become more self-reliant by focusing on Preparedness, Outdoor Survival, Sustainability and Homesteading.


As our speakers and trainers have so often repeated, ‘the greatest fear is the fear itself’. We must not be paralyzed by the oncoming freight train but instead step aside from that train and begin to take the steps necessary to thrive within this “new normal”. It’s never too late to become PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE!


This pandemic has caught the majority of us by surprise and sadly, unprepared. It’s time to focus on the future, acknowledging the challenges we have today and moving forward to make a plan, to educate and empower our citizens, families and communities to enjoy the freedom and peace-of-mind of a self-reliant lifestyle.


We need you and we need each other. Join us at the next Self-Reliance Expo [April 30-May1, 2022 in Aurora, Colorado] Become part of the vendor lineup and reap the benefits of this expansive platform. Opportunities exist for many roles in this event. Sign up as a Sponsor, Speaker, Exhibitor, or Volunteer and be part of the experience. Added this year beyond the scavenger hunt, will be runway opportunities, and a festival type atmosphere with things to do. We invite you to explore the possibilities.



Look for us on social media and join the conversation and let us know how we can meet your needs for preparedness, outdoor survival, sustainability, and homesteading.


Do not hesitate to reach out and contact us. We are now accepting Vendor Applications! Get in now!