Vegas Baby

Nov 13, 2021 10:25 pm

imageFrom the desk of DJ Cooper

I just got back from Vegas and an amazing writers conference! The 20BooksVegas Writer's Conference was full of not just authors but information and just a bit of cake (we will talk about that later). Some things that really stood out to me was how we as authors can make the books even more of what readers want while still keeping our voice. Vegas is not for the faint of heart and to have a Writers (notoriously introverted people) Conference in such an overwhelming place with noise, lights, and all manner of things to steal our attention it was quite the challenge to find a quiet moment.

First the most important thing... My cats... They are not speaking to me after such a long absence, so I had to bribe them into liking me again with snacks. They now, however, won't leave me alone to write more of these amazing titles.

Have you seen the New Shared Universe from Angry Eagle Publishing

Invasion / Resistance / Resurgent

Welcome to the War

The war is on! The world has gone crazy and no one knows what has caused it… At first. Once they figure it out you will be astounded at what you find.


#20booksvegas2021 for me was an epic kick in the A$$... I enjoyed every seminar and took much home with me in terms of upping my game. But it was so much more than that! I got the amazing privilege of hanging with some seriously amazing people! These are authors who not only chose to hang out with me, but are incredible authors. I invite everyone to check these authors out, read a book, and support those who are so supportive of others!

What a genuine pleasure to hear their thoughts and ideas. Best part ever!!! Please consider checking out each of these authors, follow their amazon profiles and enjoy some great stories.


About that Cake

Seriously? A cake vending machine… My question is this... if everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is true… does that mean calories too?!?!?!