[LC] Into Act 3, Stationery Addict, the Silly Side of Worldbuilding

Mar 19, 2024 2:00 pm

Hi !

The weather is unseasonably warm here and teasing us with an actual spring. We already have a few flowers trying to peek into the sunshine. Usually we have winter, DEEP Winter, another winter, two days of spring and then poof summer. So this is a lovely change. I hope your weather is just as perfect!

Liminal Chronicles News

I'm well into drafting act 3 and let's just say it's intense. Should I admit to loving things like shoving characters into fixes they've got to solve? Poor Umeji-kun!

Here's a teensy peek from the last chapter draft:

As Satou drives us back to meet the crew, I point to the Sanjo Keihan train station. “Che. A lot of nerve they have.”

“Driving. Can’t look.” Satou says.

“The sign on the station’s entrance said ‘No yokai allowed’.”

Japanese Stationery Fix

I discovered the shop Cute Things from Japan. Very dangerous for a stationery addict such as myself. (Go ahead. Try to tell me to stop watching YouTube stationery videos... <(o.O;)>) Please note, I restrained myself and only ordered a few things. (Could not resist the Totoro and the coffee fox stamps.) They even sent a darling little travel tips booklet.



No notebooks. I have <clears throat> an unreasonably large stash of them I am trying to use. I'm on #2 of the too pretty to use journals. Progress!


Both Rise and Guardian, from my Japanese myth based urban fantasy series, are on sale for a limited time in my shop. Save $2 on the eBooks and paperbacks.


Need an escape? Over 80 books filled with myths, legends, and fairy tales are waiting to carry you away!

Get your fix!

The Goofy Side of Liminal Chronicles

Of the worldbuilding articles, interviews, and games I've created for Liminal Chronicles "Nakamura-sensei's Absolutely Accurate Advice" is probably my favorite. Nakamura, the dowager busybody with a plethora of secrets, was the perfect character to use for a snarky, random advice generator. She's ready to bestow wisdom for your yes or no questions. I hope it brings a smile to your face.


As always…

Be the Difference. Be extraordinary.



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