Concrete Jungle, Patches, and a Livestream

Favors and VendettasNo Favor Comes Without Cost……But Sometimes the Payback is Worth ItWhen a power play threatens the life of a queen of the global underworld, she has quite a few options. There’s only one she really trusts, however.She calls on Bran...

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Nov 22, 2022
New Audio Release and Promo Codes!

Ancient Artifacts, New EnemiesAt long last, The Lost Book 4, Swords Against the Night, is out in audiobook, narrated by Mark Boyett!So gather round the fire and give it a listen!When a strange island rises out of the sea right in front of their ship,...

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Oct 26, 2022
Hybrid War in a Haunted World - The Alchemy of Treason

War of Curse and KnifeTHE LOST BOOK 5 IS OUT NOWFriends. Foes. Where is the Line?Conor and his allies return from the quest for the Sword of Categym to find the Galel kingdom under siege. The forces of the Empire of Ar-Annator gather on the frontier,...

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Oct 03, 2022
Two Releases in One Month!

Blackhearts and The Lost In One MonthShips are disappearing on the high seas……And no one knows whyA new threat darkens the wavesWhen ships with valuable—and often secret—cargoes begin to vanish far from the usual choke points and trouble spots, autho...

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Jul 28, 2022
The Explosive Conclusion - Option Zulu

No Going BackThe final installment of the Maelstrom Rising series is hereFrom the beginning, the People’s Republic of China has been working behind the scenes, sponsoring the EDC’s cyber attack on the US and taking full advantage once the lights went...

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May 06, 2022
Into Shadow - Darkness and Stone is Out!

The third book in the gritty military fantasy series The Lost is out now.Debts Owed. Debts Paid.After the hunt for the vampire, Conor McCall’s Recon Platoon and their Tuacha allies can turn their attention to unfinished business. The Marines lost men...

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Apr 18, 2022
Shadows and Crows is Here

Weird, sonorous chanting rose from the beach. As I got behind a massive, ancient oak and got on my rifle, I saw that the corsairs had formed a shield wall in a great crescent around the largest of the beached ships. The ships themselves were high-pro...

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Mar 02, 2022
Audio Giveaway Winners

Well, that went fast.The winners are:Patrick LincolnSkip KirkwoodBlack Rifle RanchJames MorrisonBritt ViehmanCongratulations to the winners, and as for the rest, this probably won't be the last. Keep your eye on your inbox.

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Feb 19, 2022
Audio Giveaway

I have five Audible codes for preorders of Shadows and Crows, performed by Mark Boyett. The first five respondents to this email will receive a code for the audiobook for free.Brotherhood. Honor. Duty.After surviving the initial horrors of the strang...

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Feb 18, 2022
Into the Mists - Ice and Monsters Is Out!

Swift. Silent. Deadly… Hunted.Recon Marine Conor McCall didn’t expect action during his training op in the icy waters off Norway. But when a bizarre summer fog engulfed his boat, he and his team found themselves in a pitched fight against strange, cr...

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Jan 31, 2022