The Explosive Conclusion - Option Zulu

May 06, 2022 3:31 pm

No Going Back


The final installment of the Maelstrom Rising series is here

From the beginning, the People’s Republic of China has been working behind the scenes, sponsoring the EDC’s cyber attack on the US and taking full advantage once the lights went out.

They’re not in the shadows anymore.

Hank Foss has fought them on American soil and in the South China Sea. Matt Bowen has fought them in Europe. Now, the war gets closer and closer to the Chinese mainland, as the final offensive against Taiwan is launched. Hank and his section go to work to head off the invasion.

The South China Sea is no longer their lifeline.

And they’re getting desperate.

Desperate enough to do the unthinkable?

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So it comes to an end. Three years, nine books. The Maelstrom Rising series has concluded, perhaps not quite the way that I had initially anticipated when I started back in early 2019. A lot has happened to alter the geopolitical landscape since then. Yet some things have stayed the same in essentials, if not details. And while I’ve just about avoided being overtaken by events, it seems to be a bit of a near thing. Even as I write this, the war in Ukraine rages, and China rattles the saber at Taiwan even harder.

The idea for Option Zulu came from a conversation around a helicopter landing zone in Iraq in early 2006, as several of us talked about the possibilities by which small teams of dedicated, highly-trained light infantry could effectively paralyze a country. The name came from a John Ringo essay written shortly after 9/11 (though he called it Option Zero). The logistics turned out to be rather hairier than I’d anticipated, but desperate times can call for desperate measures.

Most of my military fiction takes the form of cautionary tales written as action thrillers. This one is no different. Let’s hope that the events of Option Zulu don’t end up coming to pass in the real world.

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