It's not over until it's over. And, apparently, it's not.

Jun 20, 2023 5:41 pm


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From Toby:

My trip to Spain to celebrate my youngest daughter's wedding was amazing if not for the joy of the wedding then for celebrating it with friends and family who joined from all around the globe.

I won't belabor it more than letting you know if you're interested in seeing the photo album, click here.


I arrived in Albuquerque on Tuesday night, after having been through four airports and three flights, including a 10-hour flight from London to Dallas. I stood in several switch-back security, customs, passport, luggage pickup, and luggage drop-off lines that put me less-than-socially-distanced from hundreds of others in the same lines.

I suppose the result was predictable.

On Wednesday, Shelley and I took her visiting brother and sister-in-law to dinner. By the end of the evening, my throat felt a little "scratchy."

On Thursday, Shelley came over to my house so we could shoot our weekly "Our Story, Your Story" episode. At her suggestion, she brought a couple of Covid test kits with her. I coughed my way through the show. Afterward, as she was processing the show, I took one of the tests, and then, to be certain, I took the other.


I tested positive for Covid - twice. Sadly, I had to recommend to Shelley that she leave to ensure there was some chance that she didn't get infected, although we spent an hour sitting near one another in the studio.

On Friday, I contacted the VA and requested a five-day dosage of Paxlovid, the combination of pills used to diminish the impact of having contracted the virus. The package arrived on Saturday and I started the regimen - three pills in the morning and three at night.

I also reached out to my good friend and live-streaming colleague, Dr. Coffee Brown, whose opinion I greatly respect. You might remember that we hosted a long-running series of programs called "Covid Conversations" where, each week, he walked us through the data and scientific information that would help us get through the pandemic with as little impact as possible. We spoke for about an hour, and he made several suggestions, including getting lots of rest, drinking lots of water, and keeping an eye on my temperature and oxygen saturation. He also taught me more about body temperature measurement than I'd ever imagined was possible.

He was confident that I would experience a less than dramatic case because he knew I had had two injections and three booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine, which has proven to be the most protective of all the vaccine variants.

Symptom-wise, the worst day was Saturday, with a headache and lots of coughing, sneezing, and running of the nose. But, my temperature never rose above 99.9 degrees and my oxygen saturation never fell below 91. I feel like the virus peaked on Saturday. As of this writing (Monday), all the symptoms are gone, and my temperature is back to normal.

So, after three years of avoiding the virus, it caught up to me. But, (fingers crossed), I think I beat it.

I have to assume that, like the flu virus, Covid is with us forever, and will require us, like the flu vaccine, to get annual booster shots - which I will do. Needless to say, I will take additional precautions when I'm traveling.

My greatest regret is not being able to spend time with Shelley, and to help her with the emotional weight of her grief over the loss of our Kevin.

What a spring full of challenges it has been! I'm looking forward to the light and warmth of the wonderful summer sun to reinvigorate our spirits and prepare us for the journeys ahead!

Navigating Expectations and Trade-offs in Life

by Shelley Carney

Navigating through life involves making choices, often accompanied by trade-offs and the weight of expectations. 

In this thought-provoking episode of Our Story Your Story, Shelley Carney and Toby Younis discuss the significance of personal boundaries and the power of decision-making. They share stories that reflect on the power of high school experiences, examine family expectations, and explore the challenges of parenting.

Watch the video on YouTube: 

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Join us as we explore the complexities of navigating expectations and trade-offs, and discover how these choices shape our lives.

The Importance of Making Personal Choices

The importance of making personal choices cannot be overstated, as these decisions have the power to shape the course of our lives. 

When we take ownership of our choices, we embrace our individual agency and break free from the constraints of external expectations. 

Personal choices allow us to align our actions with our values, passions, and aspirations, fostering a sense of authenticity and fulfillment. 

By making decisions based on our desires and convictions, we can pursue paths that resonate with our true selves, leading to greater personal growth, self-discovery, and a purposeful and meaningful life. 

Making personal choices empowers us to navigate through life on our terms, and in doing so, we create a future that is uniquely ours.

Toby Younis reflects on his journey of taking control of his life and not allowing external forces to dictate his path. 

"It's important to make your own decisions and not feel like you're controlled by other people's expectations. Recognize that your own choices are about you, and not in a selfish way, but are about you, your life, and your future.” — Toby Younis

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