How to Create Powerful, Effective Landing Pages

Jun 24, 2022 11:53 pm

Marcom Robot is a drag-and-drop builder that helps you create high-converting landing pages at scale, run A/B tests, and analyze results to maximize campaign performance and ROI. We think it’s a must-have for any digital content creator.

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We’re going to be talking about the livecast lifestyle and specifically the landing page app that we are learning to use and why we like it, why we got it, and what we do with it.

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, creating your own in-home business, and you’re trying to run your business ‌professionally, build an email list. 

It is essential and needs to be a top priority.

To build that email list, you need a lead magnet and a landing page. 

How a Landing Page Fits Into Your Sales Process

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Grow your email list through powerful landing pages.

The landing page got its name back in the late two thousands. It was called a landing page because marketing professionals were using marketing campaigns to direct respondents to a particular location on the web. 

It’s where you land after seeing some persuasive copy that enticed you to respond.

Then they could begin ‌engaging them throughout the customer journey.

Engagement is the first step in the sales process. 

Social media platforms produce revenue by selling advertising space on your feed.

If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.

If you’re not paying for the use of that social media platform, then you become the product because you’re the one who sees the advertisement sending you to a landing page. 

Let’s say you go to your Facebook page and see ads targeted towards you based on what you’ve done in the past. The algorithm determines your demographics, looks at your likes and dislikes and then feeds you advertising. 

I get a lot of advertising about cameras, audio equipment, and fishing, because it knows what I like talking, posting, and reading about.

When I click on one of those ads, I’m brought to a landing page that might have a video, text, or images on it talking about the product they’d like to share with me. 

Then it gives me the opportunity to opt in for more information. 

Once you’re at the landing page, you fill in your contact information to get more engaged with that brand.

Recent Social Media Advertising Updates

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Privacy rules impact targeted online advertising. Content marketing and landing pages can help.

Google and Facebook/Meta are reducing your ability to target your ads to very specific audiences because of incorporating stricter privacy rules. Advertisers cannot target people as well on Facebook/Meta and Google as they have in the past. 

That means you ‌take that targeting responsibility into your own hands. 

How do you get people to your landing page?

How do you find and sort people who are the right fit for your business? 

You do that by producing targeted content and posts and through your landing page. 

What is a Landing Page? 

Landing pages have two purposes: to collect leads and connect with them.

One purpose is to connect you with prospective clients by driving them to your landing page. That action is the first step in your sales process.

Your landing page is an automated instrument to collect information such as a first name and email address. Or you can ask poll questions.

Decide what to do with that opportunity and engage with them in a variety of ways.

You could send them a packet of information through email or postal service mail. 

You could ask them to have a conversation with you. 

The second step in our process is for our prospective client to schedule a meeting with us. 

We know from the ‌services we offer, podcasting training, live streaming training, and publishing your book, that we need to have a conversation with you before we do anything. Otherwise, neither of us has the correct set of expectations, and it’s important to do that.

You became visible to this prospective client because they responded to your marketing and your landing page. They are leads.

Organic Promotion Through Content Creation

You don’t have to pay to advertise your business, brand, products, or services. 

Promote organically by posting your content with a link to your landing page. 

You can do what we’re doing and share the information on your show, blog, podcast, and social media sites and bring people to your landing page. 

Do it organically without spending money on ads.

The Early Bird Waiting List 

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Create a landing page for your early bird waiting list.

Build a landing page when you have a new service or product offering. 

Shelley is building a new Livecast Lifestyle course. We have an early bird waiting list where people can sign up to be notified when the course is available. Those who sign up will get a special discount.

We have a Livecast Life book; we have a free downloadable Livecast workbook guide and now we’ll have a course to go with them. 

People who are really interested can go through that material and come out the other side ready to start their live stream. We can support them throughout the process, but we don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day coaching and it will have a much lower cost that way.