Travel New Mexico With Shelley and Toby

Aug 02, 2022 5:31 pm


Our friends told us what they want to see on our channel - videos of New Mexico and chat about the news of the day.

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We wanted to share this excerpt from Shelley's LinkedIn article with you...

How Do We Blend Trends With Our Audience's Interests?

We spoke to long-time, loyal members of our audience to find out what they want to see. They told us to focus on creating more videos about New Mexico and the Southwest. Travel videos capture the imagination and attention of viewers, especially those in our 50+ age group.

Then we add in the news items that fit with our travel. The newest trending topic for us is climate change and specifically the drought in the Southwest United States and how it affects land use, people's lives, and the economy.

This new direction pushes us to travel more and edit more. We love to travel but we got away from editing because it is so time-consuming. Live shows are more fun and much quicker to produce.

But, we want to give our audience, and YouTube, what they want so we can grow our channel. That means we go back to editing and using our field kit equipment to record our travel adventures.


Toby interviews Retablo artist Sean Wells while Shelley records the video.

Fortunately, that will give us more to talk about on our Messages and Methods channel as we share our content creation journey.

We hope you'll join us for one or all of our shows this week and let us know what you think!

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Here's our next week in content:

7 pm, Wednesday, August 3, 2022, News & Views

News & Views: Santa Fe's Spanish Market 2022 with a Surprise Visit from Shiloh & Allie!

Join Shelley and Toby on Wednesday at 7 pm MDT for a retelling of their journey to the Spanish Market 2022 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, including interviews with Sean and Jason and a surprise visit from Shiloh Old and his girlfriend, Allie! We'll also share videos from our all-new drought investigation adventure.


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11 am, Thursday, August 4, 2022 Women Conquer Business

How to Be a Great Podcast Guest and Promote Your Business

Podcast guesting is one of the BEST ways to promote your business (for free!). You can expand your brand, reach a new audience, gain credibility and showcase your products and services.

But how can you find the right podcast and get booked as a guest? How do you deliver the exceptional value your host expects?

Shelley gives us the scoop on how to find and reach out to podcast hosts and how to be a great guest ‌podcast hosts want to collaborate with, promote and refer to others.


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1 pm, Thursday, August 4, 2022 Messages & Methods

5 Simple Steps to Create an Online Course

Coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, and authors have the experience and knowledge to help others learn the skills to transform their lives in amazing ways.

But it can be so time-consuming to teach small groups or individuals. That’s when it makes sense to create a course to help a lot more people.

But it seems so complicated! How do you design and build a video course online?

In this episode, Shelley and Toby will share their method for building an online video course while keeping it simple. Take your content business to the next level and bring in a steady income when you create an online course that shares your knowledge with the world.


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I am super excited to share the BRILLIANCE + PASSION Podcast episode I recorded with Adam Hommey. You can find it on his website now.


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News for the Content Entrepreneur

Content Parties: Your New Best Friend

By Jen McFarland, Women Conquer Business

If you're in business, you're a content creator. Content parties are an easy way to have fun while planning your content.

How to host a content party:

  • Get 3-4 business owners (trusted colleagues)
  • Block out an hourlong Zoom call
  • Brainstorm your upcoming events and specials
  • Share ideas out loud
  • Write down industry news/tips you've learned that would help your clients/customers
  • Share 1-2 ideas with the group
  • Group brainstorm: how to share these items (blog, video, social, etc.) — be creative!
  • If you have time, start drafting copy and gathering resources/links
  • Share the list with your team, or if you're solo, schedule time to create the content


A Better Podcast Strategy?

Content Inc with Joe Pulizzi

Scott Galloway has been adding new episodes into his Prof G podcast feed. Why does this matter? In the past, a podcaster would set up an entirely new podcast container. Today, Scott is adding a new episode type into a container that is already used by his audience.

Brilliant or short-sighted? You make the call. Listen to the 5-minute podcast here.


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