Let's Find Some Gold this St. Patrick's Day!

Mar 14, 2023 4:51 pm


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Top of the mornin' to ya!

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, we can't help but feel a little extra luck in the air.

What better way to celebrate the holiday than by finding some gold in pay dirt or digging up and processing alluvial soil from the base of the Organ Mountains in southern New Mexico?

Plus, with daylight saving time upon us and spring on its way, the weather is finally starting to warm up. It's the perfect time to get outside and start exploring.

So what do you say? Want to join us on a St. Patrick's Day adventure? We'll grab our shovels and pans and hit the dirt in search of some treasure.

I have a feeling this year's pot of gold might be just within reach!


The Power of Decision, Commitment, and Deadlines: How to Achieve Any Goal, Anytime

by Shelley Carney

A Brief Conversation Between Friends

It’s 9 p.m. and Toby asks from the kitchen, “Do you want some ice cream?”

Gosh, ice cream sounds wonderful. But it’s rather late to eat dessert.

“I don’t know. Are you having ice cream?” I waver in reply.

Toby adopts a paternal demeanor. “Don’t base your decision on my actions. You’ve got to decide for yourself.”

An avoidance mechanism I revert to in times of uncertainty and stress is to let somebody else make decisions for me. 

Then I can just go along for the ride and blame them if it was the wrong choice. 

Avalanche of Change

I’m experiencing a major life upheaval and it requires me to make important decisions, commit to them, and create deadlines.

My family and friends all ask, “How can I help?” 

“Help me make a plan. Then I’ll feel like I have some control.”

When life dumps a huge change of circumstances in your path, feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the future is a natural reaction. 

Creating a plan of action can move us past fearful indecision.

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Maximizing Your Day Trip and Content Creation Experience: The Art of Balancing Planning and Spontaneity

Whether you’re planning a day trip or creating content, there are two approaches you can take: planning or being spontaneous. While both approaches have their benefits, they each have their differences that can significantly impact your experience. 

Let’s explore the differences between planning and being spontaneous as it relates to going on day trips and creating content.

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7 pm MST, Wednesday, March 15, 2023. New Mexico Day Trips with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis.


Photo Tour of The Museum ROCKS! Gem and Mineral Show, Las Cruces, New Mexico

The Museum ROCKS! brings together wholesale and resale dealers of both cut and uncut gemstones, rocks, minerals, fossils, meteorites, jewelry, jewelry-making supplies, and educational displays on the art and science of rocks and gems. Join us as we take you on a photo tour of our adventure!

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7 pm MST, Thursday, March 16, 2023. Garage Prospecting with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis.


Re-Processing Gold Paydirt Tailings: Miss Kimoson's Blueberry Tundra Delight

We decided to reprocess the tailings we collected from Miss Kimoson's Blueberry Tundra Delight. The vendor challenged us to a re-do! What are the chances we'll find more gold?

Reprocessing gold processing tailings can be an effective way to extract additional gold that you might have missed the first time. Because we are new to processing gold, we make mistakes. Now it's time to fix those mistakes.

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Shelley and Toby


Gold Prospecting in New Mexico: Arroyos Below the Organ Mountains

by Shelley Carney

In New Mexico, gold has been mined since ancient times, and it continues to capture the imagination of modern-day prospectors.

People have been mining for gold for a long time in places like White Oaks, Pittsburg, Hillsboro, Orogrande, and Jicarilla.

Sometimes, companies that mine sand and gravel also find small amounts of gold mixed in with it. They don't focus on finding gold specifically, but they might still get some while they work.

When people find gold, it's often mixed in with other minerals like quartz, magnetite, and garnet. Sometimes you can even find it mixed into rocks and minerals like amphiboles, pyroxenes, and zircon.

When people look for gold, they usually try to find specific areas where it's more concentrated. Sometimes the gold is found near the bottom of a river or stream, where natural processes like riffles and fractures trap it.

Gold also concentrates in certain areas where there are layers of cemented rocks or clay that stop it from moving down deeper into the ground. Gold is always trying to return to the center of the earth.

When there are heavy rains and floods, a lot of dirt and rocks with free gold get carried along by the water and end up in streams and rivers. The gold naturally settles in certain places, like valleys and fans, and it can be more concentrated there than in the original spot.

An alluvial fan is a triangle-shaped deposit of gravel, sand, and even smaller pieces of sediment, such as silt. This sediment is called alluvium. Alluvial fans are usually created as flowing water interacts with mountains, hills, or the steep walls of canyons.

If you live in or travel to New Mexico and want to try your luck at finding some gold, you might like to know that geologists believe that “many streams in New Mexico contain at least traces of gold, enough to satisfy weekend gold panners.”

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