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Aug 16, 2022 8:47 pm


Get ready for a new community full of wisdom, talent and fun! We're building a free community for content creators (and wannabees) over 50.

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Here's the scoop in this excerpt from Shelley's LinkedIn article ...

Content Creator, Content Curator, or Curated Community Leader?

Bringing together our 2 percent of podcasters and age 50+ content creators into a community would offer us leadership and authority. It is the smallest portion of a larger group that researchers and advertisers want to understand, speak to, and sell to.

If we come together to tackle common challenges, such as slow adoption of technology and fear of being harmed by appearing on the internet, we can come together to celebrate our advantages. 

The older generation is brimming with experience, wisdom, stories, time, and money.

But we don’t want to just be consumers and audience members. We want to be producers and make a positive difference by leaving a legacy that can help our kids and grandkids through the difficult times ahead.

If we can make the ‌technology and training accessible to seniors, we can amplify their voices so they can advocate for the things that often get lost in media hype and news of the day.

My mom just turned 80 years old this year. A few weeks before her birthday, she experienced a debilitating stroke. She felt alone and victimized by this horrible event that stole the usefulness of her left arm and leg and her understanding of the world.

When I visited my mom and dad this past May through June, I introduced them to a podcast about stroke recovery. It amazed them to discover current, reliable information and stories from other stroke victims they could listen to every week. They weren’t alone after all and they felt stronger and more hopeful. 

That’s what a podcast can do when it advocates for the needs you experience.

As content creators, we need to explore the best way to share our messages and methods with the wider world around us. 

Should we create or curate content or should we build a community? 

I think we can do it all.

I believe collaboration and community growth are what will help us thrive in the coming years as our little niche of elder content creators becomes a powerful voice in the worldwide conversation.

If you, or someone you know, is in the over 50 age group of content creators or if you, or they, would like to become a content creator, join us on YouTube on Wednesday evenings for News & Views and on Thursdays for Women Conquer Business and Messages and Methods.

We’ll soon be opening up a free Heartbeat community so we can come together to discuss our future plans for Livecast Life 2.0.


Toby shows his granddaughter Maddie how to livestream with an iPad during his vacation in South Carolina.

Here's our next week in content:

7 pm, Wednesday, August 17, 2022, News & Views

News & Views Trending Topics and Insightful Chat

Toby is still in South Carolina (delayed flights!) but he will appear with stories, photos, and videos to share. Join Shelley and Toby to share your ideas and opinions about trending topics in the news this week including the ongoing saga of the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago and the drought in the Southwest.


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11 am, Thursday, August 18, 2022 Women Conquer Business

E-commerce Beginner's Guide: Create Your First E-commerce Strategy

Every business is starting to sell online. With the e-commerce market growing at a fast pace, there is every reason to set up your own online shop. However, running an e-commerce business is not as easy as it looks. To succeed you will need to constantly adjust your strategy to meet the needs of your customers.

In this episode, we show you how to create your first e-commerce strategy, based on your offer: physical products, digital products, online services, or a hybrid. We also explain how to do a SWOT analysis of your business to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


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1 pm, Thursday, August 18, 2022 Messages & Methods

Build a Profitable Online Business the Smart Way

Pamela Wilson is a digital marketing expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, and the founder of

She helps people build profitable online businesses the smart way.

Pamela is re-writing the "create a $17 product to grow your audience" idea that's so prevalent online. That's terrible advice, especially when you are an expert on your topic.

Her program, The Offer Accelerator, is for online business owners who have an audience and want to create a high-value offer that generates $10-20,000 per month.


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News for the Content Entrepreneur

1.2M Followers in 6 Months – Alex Hormozi’s Content Marketing Strategy

Comprehensive strategy on how to use content to get more customers for your business.

Alex Hormozi estimates that for $70k of content creation, he’s getting the equivalent views of $2m of paid advertising.

Big Idea:

  • “Think of the content you are creating as low-risk ways of testing hooks and headlines to get people to buy from you.”


Growth hacking through partnerships: What does a smart collaboration look like?

The creator economy goes hand-in-hand with independence. Individuals build businesses on their terms, opening up the doorway to creative- and time-freedom.

But being independent doesn't mean you have to forever grow alone.

Collaboration has always been a powerful way for people to share their audiences and resources in a mutually beneficial way. And although we tend only to hear when mega-influencers implement this growth tool — that doesn't mean it isn't a viable option for the rest of us.

The Publish Press dove into what makes collabs work, regardless of audience size, and discovered a few key takeaways you can use in your business.

  • Great partners don't need to be in the exact niche. Inhabiting the same industry, or an adjacent one, is usually enough to generate a creative project.
  • The focus should be on content quality over "performance metrics." Choose talented collaborators, not just popular ones.
  • It's okay to aim for creators with a bigger audience than yours. However, make sure the value you bring makes sense and fills a clear content gap.



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