Vacation with Family and Coming Home Again

Jun 28, 2022 5:01 pm


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Toby has left the building - in fact, he’s left the state of New Mexico to travel to Florida today to visit with his daughters and their families. Look for some lovely vacation and family photos in the weeks to come.

Shelley is looking forward to Kevin visiting Arizona on Thursday and bringing her home over the weekend. Her mom has transitioned well at home with in-home care helpers coming every day, along with visits from physical and occupational therapists. 

The remote studio will come in handy for Shelley’s mom and dad when they need to participate in future video doctor’s visits. Also, if Shelley needs to return, or Alicia and Gus want to visit, the wi-fi will make life easier for everyone. Once again, we thank everyone who contributed to making this possible. We appreciate you!

In Shelley’s LinkedIn newsletter this week, What is Personal Branding and Why Do I Need It? she shares the blending of several personal stories with one common theme. 

Having Trouble Writing a Bio

“So, pardon my language, but the bio is a b@%ch! It is one thing to write about our experiences, but another thing entirely to write about myself! I really don’t like this part. I have been struggling with it for hours.”

My business partner, Toby, and I received this message from a client late last night. We are formatting and publishing her book and she has been working on writing her bio for the past week. I say "working on," but it's more like avoiding and procrastinating on it until the last possible minute.

This bio is a paragraph that will appear on the last page of her book and is a synopsis of her life.

It's difficult to write because she is too close to the topic (herself) to be objective.

Often we need our friends and family to help us discover our outstanding traits and what makes us the most lovable.

I helped to edit and trim down our client's bio to the most interesting and essential bits.

Although it is challenging for me to define my own unique qualities that help define my personal brand, I can easily answer my daughter's question about what makes her unique.

She knows several people who podcast about Weird Al, his concerts and band members. But they aren't anything like her.

People won't choose her podcast because of the topic. They'll follow her because of her personal brand.

You can read more of Shelley’s story in her LinkedIn Newsletter here:

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News for the Content Entrepreneur

4 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Marketing Strategy

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Every marketing strategy and tactic must align with (and support) a broader business goal.

Steer clear of shiny objects and stay the course.

Coca-Cola doesn't create athletic events. It sponsors athletic events. The focus is always on selling more soft drinks.

Remember your focus.


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