Guess who retired last week?!

Dec 06, 2022 8:44 pm



Toby and Shelley attended a fun holiday party with friends on Saturday. Are you planning any fun events this month?

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Myths About Retirement and Encore Entrepreneurs

Shelley's husband, Kevin, officially retired this week, and he's pretty happy about it.

"We had planned that he would retire at age 62, but he couldn't wait any longer. He turned 60 last March and fighting cancer has become his full-time occupation."

Retirement is front and center in our lives right now, so we explored some myths that surround our retirement years in our Messages and Methods livestream, 5 Myths About Retirement and Encore Entrepreneurs.

What Do People Think and Say About Retirement? 

If you go online and check out "Five Myths of Retirement," most of the things you find are about investing and saving for your retirement years.

We think there is more to it than that.

MYTH: Accelerated Cognitive Decline - Uselessness

We can choose to have a purpose in our lives and follow that purpose. 

We can do things that make us feel needed, whether that's babysitting the grandkids, volunteering, or helping a neighbor. 

Whatever makes you feel needed is important to focus on, to help you stay active and feel proud of yourself and your contribution.

To stay aware of what's going on in life, get out of the house and meet with people. Enjoy being in new situations. Look for the positive in every outcome.

A growth mindset will make it more likely that you keep learning and staying active.

MYTH: Lots of Time, Little to Do - Retirement is Boring!

Sometimes we have a wealth of choices, and we get analysis paralysis.


There are too many choices. 

  • We can volunteer. 
  • We can get a part-time job. 
  • We can start a business or a hobby. 
  • We can travel. 
  • We can join a club or a membership. 
  • Or we could be a leader in any of those things.

Living a Purposeful Life

Because of our encore entrepreneurial endeavors and our decision to create a travel vlogging YouTube channel, New Mexico Day Trips, we are always busy.

Between creating and publishing content and helping our clients, we still enjoy traveling around New Mexico and hanging out with friends at holiday parties.

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Easily Fix the Missing ALGORITHM Piece

Video Creators | Nov 28, 2022

We work with tons of creators and we see this problem all the time. You feel like you made the perfect video, but it just falls flat. It was perfect! What happened?! Well, the problem is, you can be really good at getting information across without making any personal connection. And without making your viewer feel SOMETHING, they probably won’t care enough to subscribe or buy something from you. Today, we are going to talk about how to fix that.

Emotional connection is so important. Harvard Biz School came out with a study stating that connected employees are 87% less likely to leave their organization. I have found this to be true in my work environments, but it’s just as important on YouTube. An engaged and emotionally connected audience is going to keep coming back for more.

Keeping the Life in your Videos

We find so many creators work so hard on perfecting their videos that they inadvertently cut out all the “life” in their video. I know it’s hard! We get the comments all the time – “cut out the personal stuff! Get to the point!” – And we get it, to some degree. Rambling will never help your content. But, if all you are doing is presenting bullet point information and revealing anything of who YOU are, you will be forgettable.

So how do you become memorable without being boring? How do you get viewers to engage with your video, want to watch out more, and potentially subscribe? The key is primal branding.

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