Rockhounding Heaven in Socorro!

Feb 07, 2023 6:06 pm


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Don't Miss Out on Adventure: Seize Opportunities Before They're Gone!

by Shelley Carney

Pros and Cons of More Content


Last week, I shared the upside of adding another YouTube channel to our brand. Building Community as a YouTube Creator through Related Channels and Attractive Content.

With New Mexico Day Trips and Garage Prospecting, we can reach a larger audience with two specific niches that have a common theme.

Even better, the channel we brought back is already monetized so we can start earning revenue right away.

But what about the downside?

There is more work to do and we have to schedule a time to do it all and still get our videos done by our deadline. Granted, that deadline is self-imposed. But we feel accountable to our audience to fulfill our commitments for new content each week.

For the last few weeks, we have been ahead of schedule with our day trip videos. But now that we’ve added a second channel and all the extra work that brings with it, we are beginning to lose ground.

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Here's our next week in content:

4 pm MST, Wednesday, February 8, 2023. Shelley Carney in the Land of Enchantment (Premiere and Podcast)


Unleash the Power of Positivity: How to Avoid Disappointment on Your Next Day Trip

Explore the surprising secret to avoiding disappointment on your next day trip. Through practical tips and real-life examples, I’ll share how a positive and flexible mindset can help you make the most of any unexpected challenges or changes that may arise during your travels.

Whether it's adjusting your itinerary to accommodate the weather or embracing new opportunities that come your way, embracing a spirit of adventure can help you create unforgettable memories and experience happiness. Discover how to turn every day trip into a joyful and fulfilling adventure!

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7 pm MST, Wednesday, February 8, 2023. New Mexico Day Trips with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis.


What You Need to Know About the Minerals Museum

Join Shelley and Toby as they share the over 5,000 mineral specimens displayed in the main gallery of the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Mineral Museum on the Campus of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico. Spectacular mineral specimens from mining districts like Magdalena, Organ, and Santa Rita (to name a few) , are presented in thematic displays illustrating the mineral wealth of each locality. Other thematic displays include Systematic Mineralogy, Uranium Mining of New Mexico, Lapidary, Gold & Silver, Agates & Geodes, Meteorites, and Petrified Wood. The New Acquisitions case highlights recent additions to the collection from generous donors.

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7 pm MST, Thursday, February 9, 2023. Garage Prospecting with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis.


We Talk with Colter Young of About His Clean Up Sluice

We recorded a test on Mining Magnets clean-up sluice and we're going to show it to Colter Young to get his opinion on what we did right and wrong. Also, it's your chance to see how our garage washplant turned out! Join us on Thursday night at 7pm MT.

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Rockhounding 101: Everything You Need To Know About This Fun Rock Hunting Hobby

by Ethan Millard

Looking for a fun outdoor family activity? How about rockhounding (aka rock hunting)? Everything from minerals to fossilized rocks can be easily found if you know where to look.


What is rockhounding? It’s the hobby of hunting both interesting and rare rocks. Everything from minerals to fossilized rocks can be easily found if you know where to look. Plus, rockhounding is a great outdoor family activity. It satisfies the curiosity and adventurousness in every kid and kid at heart. Here are some rockhounding tips to help make sure your next rock hunting adventure goes well.

What To Pack: Essential Rock Hunting Gear

It’s not necessary to invest in new gear when you go rock hunting. The basic necessities for rockhounding are the same as any other outdoor activity, such as hiking. You’ll want sturdy shoes and plenty of water. If you have camel packs ($18-60), then fill them up with ice water in the summer. Keep in mind that you’ll primarily be looking for items in areas of exposed rock. That means you’ll have little or no shade. So make sure everyone is wearing hats and sunscreen too.

I also recommend bringing work gloves ($9-50). Many people carry special rock hammers (~$20) with them, too, but don’t feel like you need that to get started. If you do take a hammer with you to break rocks in the field, then make sure you wear safety glasses ($1-30). Shattered rock fragments can be very sharp and dangerous, especially to your eyes.

Also, don’t forget to bring a bag to store collected samples. If you carry a backpack, use a separate shoulder bag to store what you collect. It should be something within easy reach and quick to get in and out of.

  • Hiking shoes
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Hammer and safety glasses

Make Your First Rockhounding Trip An Easy One

For your first few rockhounding trips, try to start with some easy ones. Make your first outings to locations where you’re guaranteed to find interesting things quickly. Depending on where you live, you probably won’t have to drive far. When initially researching locations, try an Internet search for “rock hunting near me” and you should find a few options to get you started...

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