Golden Nuggets Hidden in Los Alamos

Jan 31, 2023 5:56 pm


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Did you know that people can prospect for gold at home? If you missed it, check out the Unboxing of gold prospecting equipment we will use in Toby's garage to search for gold on our redesigned YouTube Channel Garage Prospecting.


The Garage Prospecting channel was our A Gypsy's Kiss channel. We have redesigned it and hope that it will be fun and interesting for our subscribers. Please share it with your treasure-hunting friends!

Building Community as a YouTube Creator through Related Channels and Attractive Content

by Shelley Carney

A Conversation Between Partners

“I know what we can do with our old A Gypsy’s Kiss treasure-hunting channel,” Toby enthusiastically reports over the phone.

“Oh? What’s that?” I ask.

“We’ll process pay dirt and prospect for gold. I just ordered all the equipment we’ll need.”

I take a breath and a long pause to process this information. 

This is not my first time hearing about Toby’s latest phase. Last year it was small set photography.

However, in our 10-year-long partnership, we have learned to be supportive of each other’s ideas and listen with patience.

“That could work. It is similar to treasure hunting, but we’d have a better chance of finding gold.”

“That’s right, and we can have fun learning a new skill.” 

“But we just let go of our other shows to focus on New Mexico Day Trips. Will we have the time and energy for a second channel?”

“We can collect dirt on our day trips and process it at home. We’ll have two channels with a connected purpose.”

“Sounds interesting. Let’s give it a try.”

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Here's our next week in content:

4 pm MST, Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Shelley Carney in the Land of Enchantment (Premiere and Podcast)


New Mexico Day Trips and Helpful Life Tips

Shelley is recording a short podcast with some of our best Day Trip photos to share her thoughts about our travels and our work as content creators. Then she posts this video on her YouTube channel and her podcast at 4 pm on Wednesdays. This week, she explores the scenery and art of Ghost Ranch and Georgia O'Keeffe and ends with a poem to bring it all together.

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7 pm MST, Wednesday, February 1, 2023. New Mexico Day Trips with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis.


Visit the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos, New Mexico

We spent a beautiful mid-winter day in Los Alamos, New Mexico, touring the Manhattan Project Historical Park Visitor's Center, The Los Alamos History Museum, and the Bradbury Science Museum. We finished the day with an early dinner at the Pajarito Brew Pub and Grill. The museums are outstanding examples of how information should be presented, especially the Bradbury Science Museum, which has many interactive displays and a large room dedicated to children's activities. Los Alamos gets a great big thumbs up from New Mexico Day Trips!

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7 pm MST, Thursday, February 2, 2023. Garage Prospecting with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis.


We Talk with Colter Young of About His Gold Prospecting Products

We video-recorded tests on two products: the Electromagnetic (Magnetite) Separator and the Clean Up Sluice. We've invited Colter Young, the owner of to join us on our program to discuss his products, his product strategies, and his opinions on the tests that we ran. We also want to know more about his plans for new products and whether he will come down to New Mexico so we can document a field test of his equipment. Join us!

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Shelley and Toby


Best Places Where You Can Find Gold

by Daniel Bernzweig

In spite of how difficult and time-consuming, it can be fun and rewarding to learn where to find gold. There are certain places where there is a greater likelihood of finding gold than others. Generally, gold is more likely to be found in areas that have high concentrations of other minerals, such as phosphates.

Therefore, prospectors often look for areas that have previously been mined for other minerals in order to learn where to find gold.

Gold can be found in the following places:

  • Rivers, streams, and other bodies of water
  • Areas with a high concentration of gold ore
  • Caves, creeks, and gulches surrounding lode mines
  • Areas with man-made evidence of mining like rock piles or trenches
  • Near important rock types like granite, schist, and gneiss

Gold mining is one of the oldest industries in North America. In fact, it dates back thousands of years. But where do you find gold?

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