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Apr 11, 2023 4:51 pm


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As content creators, we're always on the lookout for new adventures and experiences to inspire our work. Whether it's exploring a new city, hiking through a national park, or even just taking a stroll through our own neighborhoods, there's always something new to discover.

We are also experimenting to find the best way to get things done and to grow our channels while offering great content our audience will enjoy.

But we have to blend and balance our work with our family commitments.

Shelley's daughter and son-in-law have come for an extended visit to help her clean out the clutter and downsize before she sells her house. Her niece is also visiting and helping with the downsizing and cleaning chores.

That means there is not a lot of extra time for livestreams. So we are taking a hiatus from creating livestream videos.

We will continue to record and upload videos to our channels each week. Look for those uploads to appear on YouTube at 4 pm Wednesdays. We may upload additional videos throughout the week, along with fun and fabulous shorts.

Be sure to subscribe to our channels and click the notification bell so you don't miss out when we upload a new video.

If you miss us terribly, send us a reply to one of our emails and perhaps we'll make an occasional live appearance.


It's a Small World! We discovered a couple of world travelers from Russia on our recent day trip to Trinity Site.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Finding Humor and Hope in Difficult Times

by Shelley Carney

“What the heck?! Where did all this water come from?”

It’s 7:30 Easter morning. I shuffle out of my bedroom clad in pajamas and slippers, befuddled to find the kitchen, hallway, and guest bathroom tiled floor covered in puddles of water. 

I hear dripping and turn to see water cascading from the bathroom ceiling and doorframe.

Awake and alarmed, I carefully step through the puddles, kick off my wet slippers and rush up the stairs to check the closet where the water heater is situated. 

Yep. It’s busted and sadly leaking water. Much like the tears I want to release as I face one more thing gone wrong in a series of homeowner issues.

I quietly wake my husband with the bad news and we call the plumber for emergency help, which carries a hefty premium on their already expensive services.

To reduce the price a little, we have the water tank removed and we’ll wait a day for a new one. That means no hot water and our Easter dinner with our kids will have to move.

My best friend, Toby, comes to the rescue. Luckily, he enjoys entertaining so I can bring the food to his house. I can also take a shower there. 

It’s amazing how grateful we can be for hot water when we have to do without it for a day. Especially on a holiday.

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Build Resilience and Overcome Challenges: The Power of Consistent Habits 

Resilience is a vital skill that helps us navigate the challenges of life, and healthy habits play a crucial role in developing that resilience.

In this episode, we explore the importance of consistent actions, no matter how small, in creating positive changes in our lives.

4 pm MST, Wednesday, April 12, 2023. New Mexico Day Trips with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis. Video Upload.


Trinity Site - The Location of the First Atomic Bomb Test

Trinity Site is the location in New Mexico where the first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, as part of the Manhattan Project. Today, the site is open to the public twice a year, on the first Saturday of April and the third Saturday of October.

Visitors to Trinity Site can view the ground zero marker, which denotes the exact spot where the bomb was detonated, as well as displays with information about the history and impact of the atomic bomb. Visitors can also take a short walk to the base of the steel tower that held the bomb, which is still partially standing.

While the site itself is relatively small, the impact of the events that took place there is significant. A visit to Trinity Site provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the devastating power of nuclear weapons and the importance of working toward peace and disarmament.

4 pm MST, Wednesday, April 12, 2023. New Mexico Day Trips with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis. Video Upload.


The Blanchard Rock Shop

The Blanchard Rock Shop in Bingham, New Mexico is a popular destination for rock collectors, geology enthusiasts, and tourists. The shop offers a wide variety of rocks, minerals, and fossils from all over the world, as well as jewelry and other handmade items.

Visitors to the Blanchard Rock Shop can browse through the store and view the impressive collection of rocks and minerals on display. The knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions and provide information about the different types of rocks and their geological properties.

In addition to the main store, the Blanchard Rock Shop also has an outdoor area where visitors can hunt for their own rocks and fossils. The surrounding landscape is rich in geological formations, making it an ideal location for rockhounding.

Overall, a visit to the Blanchard Rock Shop in Bingham is a great experience for anyone interested in geology, rocks, and minerals. With its extensive collection and friendly staff, it's a must-see destination for rock enthusiasts visiting New Mexico.

4 pm MST, Wednesday, April 12, 2023. Garage Prospecting with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis. Video Upload.


Arroyo Prospecting - A Dry Wash Below the San Andres Mountains in New Mexico

Prospecting for gold in dry river beds is a popular activity in New Mexico. The state has a long history of gold mining, and many rivers and streams throughout the region have been known to contain small amounts of gold.

Toby and Shelley made a stop at a dry wash as they were leaving the SCRAGS mining claim. They dug up some alluvial soil to add to their collection.

Day trips are an ideal time to make a quick stop to grab some dirt and we hope to find a few flakes of gold when we get it back to the garage for processing.

It's important to note that gold deposits in New Mexico are typically small and not commercially viable. However, prospecting for gold can still be a fun and rewarding hobby for those interested in geology and history.

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How to Build a YouTube Community That Loves to Support Your Business


Wondering how to build a scalable business with YouTube? Looking for a proven model that turns followers into customers?

In this article, you’ll discover how to create a YouTube community that people will invest in.

How YouTube Can Grow Your Business

YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms on the internet. It’s hard to wrap your head around just how big the video-sharing network really is.

Here’s one way to look at it: YouTube is rapidly replacing Google as America’s favorite search engine. If you’re looking for high-level, high-value content on a specific topic, chances are that you’ll start with a YouTube search. And even if you’re still old-school enough to search on Google, you’ll see YouTube’s top suggestions right there on the first page of the search results.

How to Build a Community on YouTube

So how do you get started if you want those customers, ad revenue, and affiliate deals?

Community is the key. Please note that we’re not just talking about subscribers here. We’re talking about an active community of fully engaged and loyal YouTube subscribers who want to learn from you and invest in your offer.

Too many social marketers get stuck on vanity metrics like subscriber counts, likes, and shares. Those things might help you qualify for different features in the YouTube Partner Program, but they can only take you so far. Instead of chasing numbers, you need to get the right kind of subscribers: subscribers who convert.

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