Create and Sell Memberships, Video Courses and Digital Products

Jul 17, 2022 6:05 pm

What is a course creator?

How can I create and sell a course online?

What software should I use to create an online course?

Let’s chat about the best online course platforms and how to create an online course that attracts and impacts your members and becomes your next amazing revenue stream.

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Create and Sell Memberships, Video Courses, and Digital Products

As content creators, we need to be open to the idea of creating and selling digital products. 

If You Lead Them, They Will Buy

A woman in a class raises her hand and the instructor points to her.

A loyal tribe member will be excited to buy your products.

It’s important for content entrepreneurs to think about the audience they have grown through live streaming, podcasting, and blogging, and how to bring them to where they’re spending money with you. 

You attract people with the information you provide that nobody else does because you package that information in a way that makes the most sense for your audience.

They are interested in who you are as a person and they resonate with your values.

Expert Tip: Offering information and being transparent about who you are and what you believe will bring people into your world and build a loyal audience. 

Offer Free Downloads

Your audience is going to be interested in your products because they’re interested in you and your content.

They’re going to be interested in a free download that ties into that content.

Offer free downloads that make the most sense for what you’re talking or teaching about. 

Example: If I’m talking about building a course on my livecast, my free download might be a checklist for building a course

Determine Their Desires

Ask yourself these questions about your audience:

  • Who are they? 
  • What information will help them?
  • What do they really want? 
  • What emotions will stir them into action?

Bring their emotions into it because buying is an emotional process. 

A young woman sits on her couch with her laptop and credit card for online shopping.

People buy things they desire because it makes them feel good.

Feelings of aspiration, longing, anxiety, and excitement motivate us to buy something. 

Expert Tip: Determine the top desires and feelings your audience wants to achieve or alleviate so you can make a product that’s irresistible to them.

What Digital Products Can You Sell?

  • Video courses
  • Memberships
  • eBooks
  • Artwork
  • Music
  • Templates
  • Software and apps
  • NFTs

Man walks over gap across a hand.

Offer courses and memberships to bring audience members further into your world.

Courses and memberships are an opportunity for your audience members to spend more time with you.

Expert Tip: If you put something in your course because you thought it was something that your audience members needed and you find they don’t have a desire for that, remove the module and replace it with something they do want.

I’m a Content Creator. Why Should I Sell Digital Products? 

Because it brings in money. 

Bitmoji Shelley enjoys $100 bills raining down and says Pay Day

Digital products like courses and memberships become passive income machines.

It is a cost-effective business. There’s no financial investment in stock or product manufacturing.

You don’t have to invest your money in inventory.

Never worry about packaging or shipping.

You can bring ideas out of your imagination. Write them down, put them in a digital format that’s accessible to others, and then sell that as a product.

There are endless possibilities.

There’s no cost involved except for your time and effort. 

Once you have a funnel set up for that product, you can run ads to drive targeted traffic there.

You have online delivery, so you can sell a digital product quickly and infinitely. People can go to your site, click a few buttons, then they’ve got the product and you’ve got the money.

It’s budget-friendly because digital assets don’t come with shipping fees. 

You enjoy a higher profit because there’s no product cost once you create the original product. 

If you’ve made a course, put it up on a platform for sale. Then it’s there for however long you leave it up there and continue to sell it. There’s no additional cost except for advertising if you choose to do that.

Book Publishing on Amazon

Bitmoji Shelley appears on the screen of a laptop computer holding a book.

Publishing a book on Amazon takes your digital text and images and makes them accessible to the world.