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Jul 04, 2023 5:36 pm


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Let's come together, ignite the spark of liberty in our hearts, and embrace the joyous festivities that mark Independence Day.

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The next two weeks are busy for us, so, while we will be traveling, it won't be for New Mexico Day Trips. Our other programs are scheduled, but not as usual - as you'll read below.

There is a Celebration of Life for Shelley’s husband, Kevin, planned for Saturday, July 8 at 2 pm. It will take place at the Riverside Church of Christ in Albuquerque and we will livestream it for those who cannot attend in person. We’ll provide more details soon.

Most of our week is dedicated to planning for this event.

The following weekend, July 15 -17, we're traveling to Phoenix to spend some time with Shelley's mom.

We'll be back to our regular programming schedule the week that follows our return.

For those of you who've asked, Shelley is doing really well. She had over 18 months to prepare herself for the loss of her wonderful husband. She's spending her time going through all their belongings to determine which should be saved and which should be let go. And, she's preparing for the sale of their home.

In my opinion, she's prepared for, and looking forward to, the next phase in her life.

“She’s taking care of business, and it’s really impressive to watch her move a little bit forward each day.” - Toby Younis


Unveiling Emotional Denial and Defense

by Shelley Carney

In the latest episode of the "Our Story Your Story" podcast, Shelley Carney and Toby Younis discuss the profound theme of emotional denial and defense mechanisms. 

This thought-provoking discussion centers around Chapter 9 of "A Gypsy's Kiss" titled "Breakout," shedding light on the importance of exploring and understanding these complex emotional responses. 

Watch the video: https://youtube.com/live/WtOpBrTHmPM 

Download the podcast episode. 

Don't miss this enlightening episode of "Our Story Your Story" as it unravels the layers of emotional denial and defense mechanisms, offering a path towards personal growth and healing. Tune in and embrace the transformative power of self-reflection and emotional understanding.

Join us as we navigate the valuable insights shared in this captivating episode.

Emotional Denial and Defense Mechanisms

Emotional denial and defense mechanisms serve as protective barriers that shield individuals from confronting difficult or painful emotions. 

When faced with overwhelming feelings, such as grief, loss, or trauma, our natural instinct may be to deny or minimize these emotions as a means of self-preservation. 

Defense mechanisms like blaming others, redirecting anger, or suppressing emotions can temporarily alleviate discomfort, allowing us to maintain a sense of control. However, prolonged reliance on these mechanisms can hinder personal growth and healing. 

Understanding and unraveling our emotional denial and defense mechanisms is a vital step toward embracing vulnerability, fostering authentic connections, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and emotional well-being. 

By exploring these patterns, we can learn to navigate our emotions with greater awareness, compassion, and resilience, ultimately creating space for healing and personal growth.

Click here to read the rest of Shelley's informative article on our blog.

Here's our next week in content:

7 pm MDT, Thursday, July 6, 2023. Our Story Your Story with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis. Premier. youtube.com/@ourstoryyourstory


Reckoning: Exploring Courage, Freedom, and Family Connections | A Gypsy’s Kiss Chapter 10 | Our Story Your Story

Join us as we embark on a literary journey, exploring the compelling tale of a teenage boy's audacious attempt to take his Uncle Carlos' motorcycle in the dead of night. This act of rebellion represents a reckoning for Miguel—a daring step towards self-discovery and independence.

Shelley and Toby skillfully expand upon the intricate layers of the narrative, uncovering the web of emotions and motivations that shape our protagonist's journey. As they discuss Chapter 10 in "A Gypsy's Kiss," they explore the captivating themes of the book, offering enlightening perspectives and inviting you to join the conversation.

7 pm MDT, Friday, July 7, 2023. Garage Prospecting with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis. Premier. youtube.com/@garageprospecting


How Much Gold? Glacier Creek Mining Company, Anita's Paydirt

Our very good friend, Tony of Alaska's Glacier Creek Mining Company lost his daughter, Anita, to cancer at a very young age. He's dedicated these bags of paydirt to her memory. He's put 1.5 grams of gold in the bag, and we'll work to process it out, then we'll divide it into other bags of paydirt - they, too, dedicated to Anita's memory and share them with our viewers on our next live stream.

7 pm MDT, Monday, July 10, 2023. Garage Prospecting with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis. Livestream. youtube.com/@garageprospecting


Saturday Night Gold Give Away - On Monday!

We've moved our GAW show to Monday because of prior commitments for the next two Saturdays.

As far as we're concerned the only thing better than finding gold is giving it away! All you need to do to have a chance to win is make a comment on the video we release on Friday.

Join us as we spin CommentPicker.com to determine which of our viewers/commenters will receive a bag of Garage Prospecting paydirt in the mail. It could be you!


I hope you will enjoy this wonderful article about our trip to Orilla Verde that Shelley wrote:

A Scenic Day Trip to Orilla Verde Recreation Area: Exploring Nature's Wonders

by Shelley Carney

Sometimes, all it takes is a single day to embark on an unforgettable adventure. 

A perfect example is a day trip to the Orilla Verde Recreation Area, nestled within the breathtaking Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument. 

This natural gem offers a variety of activities and scenic beauty, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and explorers alike. 

Join us as we recount our recent day trip to this remarkable location, which included visits to the Visitor's Center, a friendly encounter with rafters on the Rio Grande River, a quest for gold in Arroyo Hondo, wine tasting at Black Mesa Winery, fruit indulgence at the Fruit Basket, and a delightful dinner at Fatburger in Española.


Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbYiNV8CHdo

Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument

The Río Grande del Norte National Monument bursts with untamed beauty, a land of wild wonders that will leave you breathless. Imagine standing atop rugged, wide-open plains, where the air crackles with anticipation at an average elevation of 7,000 feet. In every direction, your eyes feast upon the dramatic sight of volcanic cones punctuating the landscape, like ancient sentinels guarding this majestic realm.

But it's the canyons that truly steal the show, their sheer walls cutting through the earth where the rivers flow, their secrets hidden from the world above. As you navigate the precipitous terrain, the Río Grande reveals its true power, carving a staggering gorge that plunges 800 feet into the earth. Layer upon layer of volcanic basalt flows and ash bear witness to the relentless forces of nature that shaped this awe-inspiring monument.

Among these mighty cones, one rises above all others, claiming the throne of the sky. Ute Mountain, with its summit piercing the heavens at a breathtaking 10,093 feet, commands your attention and admiration. 

In the Río Grande del Norte National Monument, adventure awaits at every turn.

Visit the BLM site for more information and maps https://www.blm.gov/visit/rgdnnm

Click here to read the rest of Shelley's informative article on our blog.


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