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Oct 03, 2023 5:21 pm

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We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, we're reaching out to share some important updates regarding our content offerings and our exciting plans for the future.

As of late, we have made the decision to discontinue our Garage Prospecting videos. We truly appreciate your continued engagement and enthusiasm for this series, and we want to assure you that our commitment to providing valuable and enriching content remains steadfast.

On the brighter side, we are thrilled to share that we are actively producing "Our Story Your Story" video podcasts and insightful blogs every week. These offerings are designed to inspire, inform, and connect with you on a personal level. Our goal is to share stories that resonate and celebrate the beautiful tapestry of experiences that make our community so unique.

In addition to our creative endeavors, we have some wonderful personal milestones on the horizon. We're currently in the process of preparing our homes for sale during the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, embarking on an exciting journey as we approach Shelley's 60th birthday on October 10 and the annular eclipse on October 14.


Toby tries out his new Hover X1 pocket-sized flying camera to get this group selfie before dinner with friends Sue and Shawn Scott.

Alongside this, we eagerly anticipate our upcoming trip to South Carolina at the end of October to visit family and explore potential new homes in the area. Your support throughout this period of transition means the world to us.

Your continued participation and support have been instrumental in shaping our community into what it is today—a place of shared stories, wisdom, and support. We are sincerely grateful for your unwavering dedication, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

We look forward to embarking on this new chapter with you and continuing to foster a vibrant and supportive community. Stay tuned for more engaging content and updates, and as always, thank you for being an integral part of our journey.


Sue Scott and Shelley enjoy an evening out at the Forty Nine Forty restaurant in Corrales to celebrate friendship.

Crossing Boundaries, Unveiling Destiny: A Journey of Adventure and Romance

by Shelley Carney

Shelley: “Do you feel like you have encountered death seven times?”

Toby: “I was counting the number of times that I came close. The first big one was when I had that motorcycle racing accident at Fort Sumner. Then there were the three events in Vietnam, and then there was the lightning strike.”

Shelley: “That's five.”

Toby: “There was that event in Serbo Croatia during the war, but I don't feel like that was a near-death experience. It was more of a sticky wicket.”

(Some thug holding a gun to his head to stop him from asking questions.) 

“So, I'd say 5 of the 7.”

Shelley: “Six.”

Toby: “What? Which one?”

Shelley: “The heart attack.”

Toby: “Oh, yeah.”

In this week's episode of Our Story Your Story, titled "Unveiling Destiny & Embracing Romance," authors and hosts, Shelley Carney and Toby Younis, delve deep into the enthralling Chapters 25 and 26 of their captivating story, "A Gypsy's Kiss."

Watch the video or download the podcast episode.

Miguel's journey takes an unexpected turn as he lands in the vibrant city of New Orleans, where the spirited Mardi Gras celebrations on Bourbon Street greet him. Amidst the revelry, he encounters the enigmatic Mariah, setting the stage for a night of intrigue and deeper connection.

As the scene unfolds, Mariah reveals her intent to journey to Algiers, and Miguel, not wanting to be separated, decides to accompany her on this mysterious venture. Their path leads them to the river's edge, prompting questions of how to cross over to the other side. A fortuitous encounter with a water taxi and its gruff captain provides the solution they seek.

Amidst the adventure and romance, the narrative offers introspective insights into destiny, independence, and the importance of reflecting on one's purpose. Destiny intertwines with their experiences as they encounter a gypsy fortune teller, unveiling shocking revelations and prophecies of great things to come.

Shelley and Toby adeptly analyze the themes of adventure, destiny, and crossing boundaries woven into the story, exploring how the symbolic act of crossing the river represents a transition into a new destiny. 

They discuss the excitement and anticipation that come with embracing the unknown and share recent experiences that shed light on similar encounters from their own lives.

As always, "Our Story Your Story" offers a thought-provoking episode filled with adventure, romance, and profound insights into the human experience.

Click here to read the rest of Shelley's informative article on our blog.

Here's our next week in content:

7 pm MDT, Thursday, October 5, 2023. Our Story Your Story with Shelley Carney and Toby Younis. Premier.


Exploitation, Empathy, and Betrayal | A Gypsy’s Kiss Chapter 27 | Our Story Your Story

Join hosts/authors Toby Younis and Shelley Carney in this thought-provoking episode of Our Story Your Story as they share Chapter 27, titled "L'étrange," from their gripping novel, “A Gypsy’s Kiss.” 

In this chapter, teenage protagonist Miguel, and his companion, Mariah, embark on a harrowing journey through Algiers that takes an unexpected turn, unraveling themes of exploitation, fear, and societal challenges. 

Together, Toby and Shelley dissect the emotional intricacies, discussing how the characters grapple with deception, vulnerability, and the contrasting realities of their environment.


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Shelley and Toby


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