Focus Group (Yay!) and The Thousand Year Drought (Ugh!)

Jul 26, 2022 7:51 pm



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Enjoy this excerpt from Shelley’s LinkedIn article, Plant a Garden and Believe in Possibilities:

Did you know basil and mint will grow like crazy every year after you plant them just one time?


Sometimes I get so caught up in work, news, and drama that I forget to notice the sunflowers are blooming and zucchini is popping up out of the garden almost every day.

It's summer!

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love the long, warm days that encourage me to spend more time outdoors. Even if it's just pulling weeds.

This reminds me to look for other minor miracles that I might miss because I'm too busy to notice.

As a content creator, I'm planting seeds every day. I can create just one innovative video or blog post and it could attract a buzz much like these flowers attract bees.

Once the plants are in the ground, I have to tend the garden a little each day. You'll find me in the backyard pulling weeds, watering, adding fertilizer, and removing those nasty, giant, green worm things that attack our tomato plants. Blech!

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Here's our next week in content:

7 pm, Wednesday, July 27, 2022, News & Views

News & Views: The Thousand Year Drought

"Western states face a bleak future amid the worst drought in more than 1,000 years. The so-called megadrought that's afflicting the American West is the worst in 1,200 years. That's according to a study published yesterday. It has dried up water supplies, threatened ranchers, and fueled wildfires." - PBS News, 2022 02 15


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11 am, Thursday, July 28, 2022 Women Conquer Business

Content Creator Collaboration for Audience Growth

The fastest way to grow your audience is to join forces through collaboration with other creators. There are as many ways to do that as there are imaginative people to collaborate with, but how do you get started? Who can you collaborate with? What’s the best way to reach out and work with new people? It comes down to relationship building and networking with other creators, coaches, and speakers.

In this episode, we'll share how beginners can get started with cross-promotion and other simple one-time collaborative efforts, then take you all the way through to joint ventures and affiliate marketing.


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1 pm, Thursday, July 28, 2022 Messages & Methods

Five Keys to Listening To Your Audience to Create Better Content

Have you ever wondered if your content is landing with your audience? Could you tailor your content so your audience will share it with their network? What makes your content irresistible and addictive? How do you find out?

Feedback from your audience can tell you exactly what kind of content they want most from you. If you’re ready to receive that valuable input, there are several methods to get the feedback you need.

In this episode, Shelley and Toby will discuss the methods they have used to communicate effectively with their audience. They’ll share their experience in social listening, focus groups, surveys, and email correspondence that led them to a more customized approach to content creation for their audience.


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News for the Content Entrepreneur

What is a Focus Group | Step-by-Step Guide & Examples

By Tegan George, 2022 06 24

A focus group is a research method that brings together a small group of people to answer questions in a moderated setting. The group is chosen due to predefined demographic traits, and the questions are designed to shed light on a topic of interest.

Focus groups are a type of qualitative research. Observations of the group’s dynamic, their answers to focus group questions, and even their body language can guide future research on consumer decisions, products and services, or controversial topics.

Focus groups are often used in marketing, library science, social science, and user research disciplines. They can provide more nuanced and natural feedback than individual interviews and are easier to organize than experiments or large-scale surveys.



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