One of my aspirations as a teenager was to become a millionaire! However, as I grew into adulthood, I realised that achievements in life does not respond to 'wishes' but to some basic principles through certain actions and decisions toward a set goal.

In the quest to attain set goals, there is the need to have a holistic and broadened viewpoint about life; the way we see things, which has a bearing on our cognition, influencing our mind set on decisions to take for thriving and progressive success. All of these contexts were the overarching notions for SHADOWS OF INSIGHT, as a compendium of inspiring titbits for thriving, personal well-being and success.

Whether we are in a state of despair or discouragement, needing inspirations and motivation to forge ahead (as we some times are), or whether we are our euphoric moments, all going well with eyes on the goal (as we should be); a flip through the pages of SHADOWS OF INSIGHT provides the impetus for reflective actions.

First published in 2015 and now updated, SHADOWS OF INSIGHT is a collection of productivity-driven and time-tested principles, with instructive and informative perspectives on real-time contexts on spheres of issues and situations of life.

As a quick-read digest, it contains inspirational quotes, thought-provoking notes, motivational ideas and value-driven stories, with diverse insights for all-around progress and optimal success in life.

Each of the 80+ pages of SHADOWS OF INSIGHT would be found reflectively satisfying as an on-the-go quick read, providing enthralling, inspiring, motivational and instructive notes that are imperative for thriving, personal well-being and success.

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Meanwhile, beyond the preview copy, I look forward to having you share, interface and exchanging insightful and productive informative knowledge at the Shadows of Insight Personal Productivity and well-being session @ the Shadows of Insight INTERFACE session

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My name is SANMI FALOBI,  a result-driven Media &Strategic Communications specialist; NGO Intraprenuer; Creative Writer; Personal Devt & Productivity Coach/Author; Independent writing and publishing Consultant.

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