Introducing: Established Plumbing Company Joint Venture Opportunity

Aug 02, 2022 9:14 pm


So, its been a while, my Homies.

Cannot release the person's name in this public list to protect the proprietary deal.

But, if you are interested, then reply to this email with your name, background, business and will send it over to the Acquirer to get in touch with you.

Also, send this email to your friends who are always saying, "I have money and I'm accredited, but I'm always looking for a good operator!!!"

Here's your chance-->

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From The Acquirer:

Information on the opportunity:

  • Acquiring a residential plumbing company that provides essential plumbing services to >10,000 homeowners. 
  • Raising ~$3.5M of total equity, and looking for more JVs to round out the cap table. The minimum check is ~$75K. 
  • Joint Venturers must be accredited. 
  • Projected net returns are ~25% per year over 10 years, tax free due to qualified small business stock.
  • Sponsor of this transaction has a background in operating and investing across multiple industries, will join the Company as President, and is personally investing $1.0M in the transaction.
  • The business is 100% residential service and replacement - no new construction or commercial.
  • The business has >$6M of revenue today, with >$1M of EBITDA.
  • The Company runs on ServiceTitan, the industry's best software
  • ~30 total employees. The Management Team that runs the business is young, hungry, and have proven their ability by growing the business significantly over the last 3-years
  • The Management Team is staying on post-close to continue to build the business, and they are also personally investing in the transaction.
  • Sponsor expects this to be the first of many acquisitions, and has built out a strong pipeline of opportunities to add to the platform. 
  • I have a term-sheet out on a residential HVAC business that would add ~$1M of EBITDA for a 3.5x purchase price. 
  • The long-term goal is to use this business as the base to build a scaled $250M+ home services platform over the next 20-years
  • Plumbing, especially in this market, is a very attractive industry for investment.
  • Essential and durable: recession-resistant, slow to change, and unlikely to be materially disrupted over the next 20 years.
  • Large total addressable market: >$100B in the U.S. and >$1.0B in this market.
  • Highly fragmented: largest companies are <1%.
  • Profitable: EBITDA margins typically between 15-25%.
  • Given the work that the Sponsor has done to build a relationship with the Owner, the Company is being bought for an attractive price.
  • For anyone interested that signs an NDA, the Sponsor will share a deck and a financial model.


Aight, hit me up if you are interested.


Sam Leslie