Private Event: 3 slots open

Feb 04, 2023 7:33 pm

My people...

Mental Health is huge for everyone.

Breaking through mental roadblocks is necessary to build your vision for your life.

Kriss and I have been very open about taking care of mental health on Twitter, and it being a part of our lives.

What if you could potentially break through years of roadblocks in a weekend?

We are testing something... A totally unique event for mental breakthroughs for entrepreneurs, operators, searchers and really anyone...

It's a very small private event over a weekend at an amazing house in Eden, guided by a couple of professional guides. ***Only 3 Slots open***

  1. Event Name: Breakthrough--
  2. When: Get there as early as you can April 21st. Leave as late as you can April 23rd
  3. Lodging: We will all stay at the house-8 total participants including me and Kriss.
  4. Food: The food will be catered by personal chefs.
  5. Transportation: You gotta get there on your own, but we may be able to help with transport from the Airport--not
  6. Cost: $3000


  1. Go to and read about the event
  2. If you are accepted as one of the 3 participants, Schedule your pre-weekend interview with our guide to determine your needs and to tailor your experience
  3. Realize this experience will be something you will never forget and is probably going to be hard. Some have said this experience is like doing 1000 therapy sessions in one weekend.
  4. We are there to Do Work, Build relationships and Support each other. Yeah, we will talk about our businesses, but that is not at all the focus of this event.
  5. Fill Out Application Below.

Breakthrough Application

I will be making a decision on attendees from the filled out applications within 4 weeks. Please fill it out as quickly as possible.

If you are not selected, don't worry, we will most likely be doing this again soon.

Much Love,