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Jul 28, 2021 11:58 pm

Today I am pleased to present another JV opportunity.

This list has grown like crazy and I'm looking forward to presenting more deals in the future.

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Please see the quick Bio for Jarryd Osborne below:

I am rolling up moving companies in the United States, this will be our first of many acquisitions in this space. I recently received an executed LOI to acquire a Concierge Relocation Company in Los Angeles, they move athletes, celebs, and execs. $3.5 million on $970k EBITDA…3.6x multiple. I have another company with a similar business model lined up as well, and can share details on this one at a later time. For this deal, I'm looking for 2-3 capital partners to contribute $500k for 20-40% equity depending on the down payment required from the bank.

I have exclusivity on the company for another 35 days. If you have any friends or know anyone in your network that may be interested in investing, please send them my direction (! 

Happy to share data room documents (Pro-Forma, Deal Structure Calculator, and Prospectus) with any interested parties. Let me know your thoughts.





As a reminder, I do not receive any payment/compensation or cap table involvement in these deals. That may change in the future, but at this point I am just presenting opportunities.

Disclaimer: Any communication from me about any JV opportunity is not an endorsement of the deal. SMBacquire and myself are not liable for any poor investments you may make. Do your own Due Diligence and consult professionals when evaluating these deals.


Happy Deal Making!

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